Chiron-A Wonderful Inspiration

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this song was hard work. its 200 bpm, believe it or not. just learned how to use the mixer


200BPM? Is kinda unbelievable.

Well whatever works for you.

Loved the Choir! You had both male and female Ooo's and Ahh's in there, it was great! Why dont you IM me or something. You seem to be kinda like me when I got started.

AIM: Votex09
EMAIL: Sylacone@gmail.com

I hope to see you on my buddy list. :-)

BMC-Audio responds:

lol yea, 200 bpm, except all the notes were really long. i think it fit the best in 200bpm though. like i said the choir is really awesome i can give it to u if u want, but be sure to add reverb. btw...mawkeetus isnt the same person as me, that was his first time with the slayer...yea i added you but you're not on right now :P


You've picked some very interesting notes, and i see potential for a smashingly addictive melody. However the potential is wasted, a shame. But i'm sure you'll remake this when you've futher progressed your skills.

+ Nice keys and melodolyness.
+ Its very original and not boringly repetitive.
- The clarity could use some work, its not crisp enough.
- Make it long man.

Never give up and keep it... up ;)

BMC-Audio responds:

holy crap, its draze! lol thanks alot, yea i was thinking of remaking this becuase i hadnt realized it was so short...and plus i dont like the ending. thanks again for the review,
always a fan,

its pretty catchy

returning the favor. it seems that my song is down to 2.5 but oh wel some people will vote it up. it seems that alot of your songs have thi ssame soft synth the the i didnt realy like what you did with the kick but thats just me.

originality7- nothing new but the choir is very intresting. mind if i use it or we work on a collab.
Clarity8-you could hear some fuzz in the backround. just got to master some more with your kicks to get everything sounding just right.

diversety- your song followed a type of sway to it. wich is nice. most songs dont realy have that.

effort- it seems you put some effort in to it.

we should make a collab. our styles are diffrent so it would sound pretty cool. and by the way my aim is

guitarhero 1994

my email is


BMC-Audio responds:

yea, thanks alot. i would love to do a collab i'll add your sn right now. the choir i was given to by a very helpful friend and inspiration, MaestroRage. I can send it to you. It has pretty much every pitch, from high soprano to baritone/bass, just add a bit of reverb and it sounds great. you should probably do the mastering and drums, cus im not good and that and just learned how to master.

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Jan 13, 2007
9:43 PM EST
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