Jon Toniq - Beauty of a Goddess

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I'm very proud of this song, I also sing on this one, I hope my foreign accent doesn't ruin the vibe of it :)
As usual, let me know in the comments how you feel about it :)


This is awesome! I love every single part of this song

What on the earth was that!?!?!?!?!1'11'1'' xD this is amazing! i would like an instrumental ver,you know,for a gd lvl :^)

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Wow, that was beautiful!

The pianos have a perfect balance of power and softness, the reverbs perfectly fill the gaps, and it's simply emotional. The pluck synths are surprisingly varied and compliment the voice and instrumentation very well, and the voice, Jesus! Your voice is amazing, even if it is autotuned, it's good autotuning! The little effects like the tape stops are the icing on the cake.

Then the drop is crazy, energetic and very unpredictable, perfectly complimenting the syncopated style of dubstep. I do have criticisms about this piece, but not many of them, one of them being the drop does have a bit too much "White noise". Still, there is amazing use of juxtaposing volumes, and amazing variety.

The singing is a little repetitive, but I've heard MUCH more annoyingly repetitive lyrics, so it's fine. As well as that, it's worth mentioning I hate music with vocals usually, so it's even more impressive you made something with lyrics enjoyable for me.

I understand the kinda mood of this song works better with higher pitches, but one complaint I do have is I feel there isn't enough bass at the drops. Sometimes it feels like there's a real lack of power and momentum with the synths due to this.

Still, the attention to detail, simple quality; variety, uniqueness, mood; basically everything else about this track is perfect and gets it its 5 stars. The only other complaint I have is that the ending's a little too sudden, very minor complaint.

Overall score: 94/100
This is now overall my 4th favourite song of all time drawn with "Fireflies" by Seamless

Little top 5 for those are curious =)

1. HighScore - Pandaeyes - 97/100
2. Sine Wavs - Rukkus - 96/100
3. Supernova - XTrullor - 95/100
4. Fireflies - Seamless - 94/100
Beauty of a Godess - C-Enterprise - 94/100
5. Sharp Minor - Rukkus - 92/100

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wow this was really good actually, if you brought up the growls volume a bit it would be really great, also i feel like the vocals were a little quiet over the drop as well so either bring down the drop volumes down a bit, and i think the vocals are loud enough they just were drowned out a little too much, but it wasnt that bad just slight changes would be good :) Also if thats your singing WOW thats really good dude, they fit really well into this song, the second drop was actually Way better mixed at the beginning wow i just heard that and those growls are really good :) Although the volume dropping and raising sounds good you probably couldve done that a little better. But Wow this is actually really good and great voice man, we should collab or something eventually :P Keep up the good work dude, i only have like 3 songs in my favourites list but this one is definitely going into that. I hope this kind of messy review helps I hope to see some great songs in the future :)


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Dec 5, 2016
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