Drifting through Space


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I just put together a couple of synths and a beat, used a few effect tracks, and voila, my first song was born! I do feel like I could've done a bit more with this, but I'm pretty proud of it, though.

Constructive criticism is very much appreciated.


what is this?

ItzBrok3n responds:

Unmixed FL Mobile preset garbage

Don't get mad about my low review, it's your first song. Nobody really makes a good first song, so just take the advice and learn. With that said, time for my usual review format.

FL Basic Drums. Unprocessed. The only modification I can here that you made to it really is the volume. There are plenty of quality, free drum samples out there for you to use, but please don't use FL Basic Drums. If you are using FL Drums, don't use the ones that are there when you first open up FL. FL has some nice drums, just go in to the "packs" (on the left hand side) and look for some nice drum samples. Again, if you don't like those, look for some free ones online. Next, the synths. You only used a few repetitive synths throughout the song, and I can't really distinguish any sort of melody. The dynamics are bad. The mix is way out of wack. But, despite all that criticism, I did manage to find some good.

Yes, the dynamics are bad. But, you didn't make the beginner mistake that SO MANY first time producers make: not including dynamics. You actually included dynamics. Even I didn't bother with that for my first few songs. Good job on that. Also, this song doesn't sound good, but it's not necessarily boring. It can be repetitive at some parts, but it isn't entirely boring. Again, a mistake first time producers make that you also dodged.

Overall, this track doesn't sound good. But, don't be discouraged. Hopefully, you've learned a lot from making this and I hope my criticism is useful to you. I did hear several beginner mistakes that you made, but there were some very common mistakes that you didn't do. You've got potential. If you need some help with making nice-sounding compositions, check out SeamlessR on YouTube. He has over 150 bass tutorials, as well as a series on FL 12 basics and basics for production as a whole.

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pretty good for your first song! like TheDarknayt said, it's pretty repetitive imo. but it's still good! can't wait to see your future songs.

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ItzBrok3n responds:

Thanks dude :3

:Pl I can't even classify genres for my songs
It's good for your first song dude, but I think you need to work on your drums. It's quite repetitive (is that default fl studio drums?).
You can always improve :)
Your songs are better than mine :P Good job

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ItzBrok3n responds:

Yeah, I can see how it's pretty repetitive. Also, those are the default fl studio drums. I might try to use some other drums from other sets I find throughout fl studio. Thanks for the kind words!

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