TIGER M - Master Masochist

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New Sound Productions

Composed in 2008 for my "EsreveR, ReversE" Backwards-themed swear-cutting cartoony dance album--
this silly tune that is part theme part club and part Euro-Pop is the opening track designated
and is meant to be uptempo and humorous [if you don't like it that's fine too =)]
Thank You for tuning in! =^^=
This is Happy Hardcore techno-pop that may get "Too Happy" for some ! ^^
It starts happy at one twenty-two-mark (one-twenty-three)
as a Leprechaun gleefully starts hoping around =3 [huh!? ^^;]
Not homosexual but simply happy! -- this is good dance! =D
Not that homosexuals are anything derogatory my point is this original mix
may remind some (You?) of "Captain Jack" meets "Scooter" with "Eiffel 65" as they "Kaskade." =3
[ untypical but it is for nightclubs and gaming late night with happy FAST on-the
beats synths synced to alternative themes cranked to a message of persistence }=3--
=D Teh bass lines and synths! ^^]

I am sure while gaming You'll LOVE this! It gives ENERGY! =D
(and the overall theme "be fight words " versus " overcoming conflict" }=3 So JUMP!]
(Or Drive! ...and ROCK THAT !]
[or something else!] As for the instruments -- they DRIVE attention and beat!
(Don't read too much into it! XD Just dance / enjoy / laugh /scream! =3 [...] YAY! =D

It's awesome as a production =3 it really is and I hope You love it =D =^_^= ^_^ =3

All good music ^_^
Certainly hope You agree! *Thumbs up!*

Done in Cakewalk Kinetic with side-line guidance from Native Instruments Traktor
and Adobe with additional audio mixing elements from Sony and SourceForge --
this was a BLAST to compose and mix! =)

Honestly I think you will enjoy this track somewhere on a Saturday night =)
[points. Notice release evening*] Have fun sharing this one =3
Club, Dance and Game to this! =D (And drive--but not too fast OO)

Certainly not mainstream Pop in U.S. as of this writing-- surely should be! =D
Not " September " but live I did spin after " Satellites " late night and it proves
humoring in response and here [wherever you are] I certainly hope You enjoy this song! =)
[...complete with the cartoon whip with reason for repetition (.(]

(Sounds good! XD) [also has an artistic reason and purpose =3]
Master Masochist was composed the year after I began studying film extensively (in 2007).
That was 2008 [now eight years going on nine as of this writing)
Getting all of my music up is proving daunting for 500
songs as writing review is taking up a great deal of energy as well as time
in addition to all other endeavors (including sharing money and working and driving and walking
and listening so I can DJ others' good music too =) and composing and authoring and gaming...)

This year I decided to release music from the very patient album EsreveR ReversE
to test response and " Dirty-Knees " (a club and web praised original tune =3) as well as " I Am Death "
are now available online and receiving some DJ preference as well
and this one may be in the fun category as intended humor much like the two tunes prior
I hope You also enjoy " I Am Death " and " Dirty-Knees " respectively and
" Ode To Death " is NOT " I Am Death " (serious one humorous the other. )

" Master Masochist " as title I hope You enjoy as the
synthesizer aligned banger with up tempo-happy Euro-house
planet-pop-dance-hop harmony is meant to enjoy =)

I'll release more music soon =) Thank You for Listening =^_^=

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists,
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown)
- Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Producer, Eternal Student & Being of Existence,
-BAM! P.E.F. WAM! D.A.P. DJ, TIGER M ^_~* Tiger M. Gales [On-Beat Day 2016! ^_^ ^_^ =3 =3 =D]
-3:58 PM (Saturday December 3rd, 2016) [Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator, U.S.A.]

P.S. Thank You for all responses! =)
[Even the negatively conceding ones found online -- I respect Your reviews]
(Thank You for the continued positive reviews too! [online and offline!]
Thank You so much =)


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Dec 3, 2016
10:43 PM EST
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