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Everybody's Gotta Lose

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Everybody’s Gotta Lose

Everybody’s gotta lose
Everybody got the blues
I just have a couple of clues
It could be me and you

Gorilla DC
Woke up in the morning got the sun in my eye
I got out of bed scratchin’ my head, my how time flies by
Got my clothes on and I went down stairs
Then I saw my momma cookin’, I gave her a kiss goodbye
So I went outside then I saw my homeboy Dre
And I said how you been do we have another ploy
Dre said come with me lets go onto rosewood
A busta took our money don’t get it misunderstood
Then we took a ride through the hood
Turned up the radio
Looked in the mirror then I saw a fine ass ho
But…fuck that I’d rather keep my mind on my dough
So we kept on cruisin’, and we finally hit the spot
Something didn’t feel right, so I had a fraught thought
We got out the chevy and the air was kinda heavy
I looked to my left and I looked to my right
Dre and I just realized that there’s no one in sight
And I’m like what the fuck, what the hell is goin’ on
Dre said grab the gauge, let’s creep over to the lawn
A strange man spied on us and he had quickly withdrawn
So I said to Dre, hey there’s a man spyin’ on us
Let’s go to where he’s at and make no damn fuss
So we head onto area and jumped over the gate
But as soon as we entered it was too damn late
Then we heard a car start up and the man rode away
I can’t believe that busta had took my pay
Dre and I looked at each other, there was nothing we can do
This that type of shit that Dre and I had to go through

Everybody’s gotta lose
Everybody got the blues
I just have a couple of clues
It could be me and you

Dre DC
We are living in hard times, can I please get a witness
My people dying and they cryin’, there’s just so much sickness
Strugglin’ and stumblin’
Tremblin’ and tumbling’
There’s just so much chaos, my people are out of order
Nobody want to listen, there’s so much damn disorder
Nobody wants to be free,
Nobody wants to see a day
Where we live in peace, celebrate, I would rather stay
My people look up to devils in the muthaphuckin’ politics
But they don’t give a fuck they’d rather for you to die quick
What the fuck am I to do, should I run, should I hide
I don’t think so, I’m a man, I would’ve rather died
It’s not easy to make a livin’
Them devils are unforgivin
Back up off my face because I will not say it again
Unless you wanna act all tough, I guarantee that I’ll spill your brain
I remain the same, nothing’s changed
Sometimes I’m a little deranged
But don’t get it misunderstood
It’s just that there’s much bullshit, I just wanna be free
But I can’t I’m stuck up in this cage
I’m goin’ on a rampage

Chorus (X4)

Psycho DC
Look into my eyes, do you wanna see a psycho (I’m so insane)
People always ask me why I never say hello (I’m in so much pain)
Look into my eyes again and do you see an average joe (All you’ll get is rain)
I thought so man, you better run quick, before I lose my mind (I can’t maintain)
Same for you, you silly ho, I have no mercy for either combined
Yes I’m going through this phase
again and again, it never stops
I’m ready to set this bitch ablaze
Yes I’m sick of this plaaaace
Thieves everywhere, they come take yo shit
They do in a minute to repeat and repeat
My machete will chop them bit, by bit
I really don’t care, I have a taste for meat
Their bloodstain is a tasty treat
They tried to come at me with the weak ass moves
But how many times do I have to prove
That they can’t reach to my level, cause they never
Be as clever, but they beggars, and they lesser than
A feather, full of pressure, yet I’m better, And I check ya,
Zero errors, I am fresher, more suckas, more bustas, displeasure, it’s whatever,
Get together, altogether, and get severed, y’all a chedder, I’m a shredder,
You surrender, I’m oppresser, you say yessuh when I tell ya. (when I tell ya X3)

Chorus (X4)


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Dec 1, 2016
11:17 PM EST
Hip Hop - Olskool
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