TIGER M - Sage Eagle

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Yo! =3
How are You?
Very well I certainly hope! Dig this! =D [feel free! =D]

This tune composed in Cakewalk Kinetic utilizing Sony ACID Pro and Sourceforge Elements
is from 2009 when I began putting my Foreign Language major path to use with college education
in business mended with psychology in harmony with my synthesizers and drums (piano and productions).
With wind and clouds and synthesizer complete with much samba-esque rhythm-style tempo- !
experience a festive dance-party contimplated and composed specifically for your audience =)
[You DJing it / playing for others or otherwise for sure! =D]

I have this 'set order' [like for live dj set(s)] in mind for sharing online right now
in more than one place [yes daily and this 'story flow'] going with what to share next =3] in-head
and got 'stuck' on 'what to share' today (but know tomorrow but today is not Friday!]
because I had a great deal to do and among it all -- this is included and important to me:
[Sharing music and money and video games and on-and-on (art-and-photos-and-videos) with You =^_^=]

Spent a lot of time selecting this one because it is December 1st [a new month for 2016 =3]
(almost released the silly tune -- ] Right now I am thinking along the lines of

"Where from?" "Why would I share this?"
[and why would I decide to spend three-hundred fifty today playing one video game?]
(Yus! =3 No regrets ^_^)
[going for supporting the future of proessinal gaming

As the start of this month's tune
and original mix for your active December -- Sage Eagle I hope You enjoy! ^_^

I certainly hope you're doing well and are in a 'festival' or 'party-mode'
and are ready for a sound like this =) Daily I would review this track as for years
resided as my VX10000's (Verizon LG phone) active song for all calls beyond 2008 =)

Composed in 2009,
Some may experience this rhythm intensive tune as a song like Carl Cox - Jaguar,
or one from DJ Snake or Fatboy or The Chemical Brothers [Dust Brothers] as this one is
bigbeat with a tropical spin-wind-blend to send You on an epic latin-and-Asian experience
with notes from Ocean's Heaven in the mind of this soul. [Know that I did not say Brain =F]

This groovy Latin-rhythm and Asian-dance-designed original tune has been said to
sound all like a Latin festival [elder response] --
to DMC [Capcom's Devil May Cry] Boss fight! [ageless gamers who enthused -- interesting =... ]
I certainly hope your take on it is enjoyable whatever your decided to You it sounds like
It also to some [in tune] sounds like 'educating someone' while 'learning' (dig this description =)

I majored Foreign Language in college (first in 2002) specializing in Japanese in 2003
[more on that later]
*My older brother who is an Aeronautical Engineer [rocket scientist], musician and pilot (licensed)
loves Eagles and that I know Japanese and make music and videos. =^_^= [is proud]
The question "Go buy some viagra" [!? OO =F ...] "is that what she's saying?" memorable in 2009...
he is joking-- I respond

Punisher movie *"...good memories..." quote* -- good memories pending from Your listen =)

I decided on using elements from SourceForge Audacity Adobe and Sony though in 2006 on
release The Funk Factory "Cruise Tropicana" (2006) -- shared a "vacation theme"
and "rhythms to dance to" [or relax in the hammock or chair or place on-boat or off-boat =3]
Hope tune gets ya' ROCKING might settle relax [hint: Get up! Time to dance \^_^/]

This uptempo "vacation setting dance groove got composed three years after
2006 with not-same-but a favorable and collective production style that I hope You enjoy =)

Written and Updated Today!
Forever In Love With All That Which Exists,
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown)
- Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Producer, Eternal Student & Being of Existence,
-BAM! P.E.F. WAM! D.A.P. DJ, TIGER M ^_~* Tiger M. Gales [DEC-IT-[IS]-![FIRST] Day 2016! =D =^_^= ^_^]
-10:57 PM (ThursDay November [whoops!--] December 1st, 2016 [got it!])
[Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator, U.S.A.]


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Dec 1, 2016
11:00 PM EST
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