I Dream of the Future

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Hi there :D

This is a sweet little composition I threw together for a friend of mine. He's a talented singer, and today just so happens to be his birthday :3
Check him out on his youtube channel, if you feel like it:


Anyway. So he really likes Disney songs, which is why I (to a certain extent) tried to compose a song that makes use of certain elements that tend to be present in some of the Disney tracks. That said, I probably used even more modulations than they do :'D
Also, as with all my stuff, my own style does shine through in the end (especially in the actual playing, I'm sure).

That's pretty much all there is to this upload though! I hope you enjoyed the listen ^ ^

Oh, and ofc, if you want to see me playing it, here's the link:


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There is a best track of this year from you, but I firmly believe this could be one too. The talent of this piece came from the ability to turn cheesy Disney music, into a heart moving work of art. And I'm not being sarcastic. The middle part is most beautiful of all. Well played piece, like usual. You got the thing for playing softly but still clear and well followed.

This made my morning a lot brighter. No matter how far from home, or when time will end, the future is still flowing by. Thank you for it.

Feeling strange that reviewing twice should make up for my previous shitty review. But everybody deserves a second chance.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Well, I spent a part of a day composing this (well, I had the main idea the night before), whereas my best track which I will soon be releasing, I spent on and off, two months on :D
But my ideas where really clear and easy to actualize in this composition, so things went smoothly!

I'm glad if this made your morning a bit better :)
I am baking Christmas candy myself, atm!
I'm impressed by your ability to look into the future, no matter what!!

I was happy to receive your first review, and I am grateful you wrote this second one too :'D

I dream of the future, too. This is a beautiful piece, Ale. It has a great innocence about it, and a fantastic sense of progression and flow as always. The transition at 1:10 was a bit sudden. Maybe it would've worked if the bass line kept playing, but otherwise it's too abrupt for my tastes. It's usually hard to pick out structural elements in your piano solos, and this is no exception, but at least this piece was held together by the ever-ascending bass lines. It feels victorious and cute at the same time by the end, although I think you could've used a ritardando on that last counterpoint so that it didn't feel as rushed. Still, always a pleasure hearing your music, LSD. I should have more time to Skype next week since my semester just ended. ^^

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

The transition at 1:10 is indeed a bit sudden! I happen to have an affinity for sudden transitions though. Wouldn't it be boering if all music was 100% predictable all the time? I mean, psychologically speaking, we seem to enjoy when we recognize music and can guess what's coming next, so I guess it makes sense. But since I don't tend to write party music, I like being swept away and just floating with the music, wherever it takes me!

I find it quite easy to pick out structural elements here, since there are more than usual in this song. But, then again I know all the chords and the melodies by heart, whereas other listeners would have to listen quite a few times before they get the hang of it.
There is actually a lot of repetition in this song, though the keys change now and then. But the arrangement changes a bit too, from here to there.

1:58 takes you back to the beginning of the theme, and builds up to the more expressive ending.
And there is a refrains played more than once in the middle (with a few variations), with a couple of diffrent bridges (only one of which repeats slightly), and then there's the middle section which had the abrupt transition. Allow me to lay out the entire structure, the way I see it:

0:00 - 0:37 = Intro (which is a segment which repeats more or less the same melody twice)

0:38 - 0:54 = A bridge to the main refrain, although it is also a type of variation of the refrain melody

0:55 - 1:09 = The main refrain, where the second half builds into that abrupt transition

1:10 - 1:25 = A random middle section which is kinda just there, in order to get some rhythmic and arrangement variation (note the left hand which plays something entirely different here). Note that the end of this segment builds into a bridge with the same style as the ending of the last bridge, simply in a different key.

1:26 - 1:33 = Here we welcome back the main refrain, but only for a sec until there is a new buildup for an even bigger refrain.

1:34 - 1:41 = A unique bridge

1:42 - 1:57 = A slight variation of the main refrain, in order to sound a bit more heavy (not metal). The end of the segment transitions back to the intro melody...

1:58 - 2:38 = This is a repeat of the intro, in all its glory, but with a more upbeat arrangement, since the beginning was taking it kind of slowly. The chords and melodies are the same though (the melody gets more varied close to the build up to the grand outro), as is the key.

2:39 - The grand outro

So there ya go :)
I don't think it's the fact that the piece would lack any structure which makes it difficult to analyze. I think it's the fact that there is more structure, which changes quicker than say a piece with a "intro, verse, verse, refrain, verse, verse, bridge, refrain, refrain, outro" formula. Because it's not quite as simple, it takes more mental energy and devotion to pick out all the parts, based on the actual chords and melodies. Especially since there's no song to go along. I just want to to know that I am very aware of precisely how my songs are built up, or I'd have quite a difficult time playing them. Other than that, I tend to use more key changes than most tracks, because I personally just like key changes.

I do agree with your comment about the ritardando at the end. I too realized it sounds rushed, but tbh, I was just lazy and let it be xD
See, I put more energy into the last five notes, which I think sound funny, since they're entirely unconventional (one of them is intentionally out of key, too!).

I have one exam left this coming monday, and then I have to prepare for Xmas! I have a huge extended family, so there's a lot to do. But after Christmas, and before my studies start again, I too should have more time, so I really look forward to talking to you!

Be well, until then ^ ^

This was very beautiful! I would kill for a piano, but I gotta settle for an Keyboard that isn't tuned to any of my other instruments... but great song duder.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey! Thanks for your nice words ^ ^
I don't currently have a real piano either, only a keyboard as well as my electronic piano, on which this was played (and the sound is from a Piano VST I own).

Good job! You used some really interesting modulations.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, man! I love modulations, perhaps even too much. So I'm always trying to think of new/weird ways to pull them off :p

Aww, so sweet. It's bright and light-hearted, quite a refreshing change from what I usually listen to - generally somber and emotional tracks. Well done, mate.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I usually write darker or sadder songs, or in the very least songs that have somber undertones or something. But I wanted to write a bit of a hopeful one, even if it's not perfectly happy. I think it's reflected in the title too!

Thank youuu!

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