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looop. first song made on Fl studio. sorry i didnt compress.



Your first track on FL? I'm amazed, seems like you still put quite a bit of work into it, sounds really good. Great beat, great tune, great rythem. :) Keep up the good work!


i laffed my ass off!

the song had a cutesy feel, but not in a gay way. i was like 'wtf!?' when it first came on, then i canced a little in my seat (just a little) :D

this is the best techno song ever made! its easy to move to, simple, yet great. only bad thing is the snare. quiet it down next time.

cant wait for more man!

DnX-Danefex responds:

thx for the review and im glad you liked it. sorry that i didnt respond as early as i liked to but i was on myspace uploading music there. dont worry there is alot more to come includin a couple of tetris remixes.

Hyper bouncing flashing dance beats

I honestly wish I could save 'favourite audio artists' and 'favourite audio tracks' the way we can with flash stuff.

Really incredible tune.

It totally got me up dancing for a while. Been listening to it maybe for 15 minutes and I just don't want to stop.

The first time I listened, I was really impressed by how you varied it with the beats and backing notes you used and occasionally skipping parts of the melody. Kept me guessing and kept the song interesting. This is what everyone should do!

Maybe you could have taken that a wee bit further, maybe varying the main melody a little more. Maybe varying the instrument you used as the mood shifted.

I do kinda like the way the notes stay the same but just with parts missed though - gives it a real coherence, whilst the skipped parts are chosen so cleverly as to give it enough variation.

It all have a real sorta 'acid' feel - it seems perfectly suited to some sort of hyper platformer with flashing colours and bouncing characters.

This is the first tune I can say I've really heard and felt a need to make a game for. My only real beef is that it's not a very good loop. I mean the way the melody comes to and end and we head the 'brrrrr..r...r ....rr' sorta engine slowing down noise means that it'd be a bit jarring as a loop.

Also, after about 25 minutes, I'm finding it a bit tiring to be honest. So maybe it'd work perfectly for a hyper platformer lasting 5 minutes at most, or maybe some other game... I'll think of something.

But I reckon maybe if you made the melody a bit subtler and varied it as much as you do the rest of the tune, it'd have more lasting appeal. And made it loop more seamlessly.

It may then have less of an instant hook, but it'd work better as a loop in a longer game.

Anyway, great tune and I'm looking forward to hearing your other tune.

DnX-Danefex responds:

thx for the realy nice and long reviews. i like it when people give me constructive criticizm along with what they liked. and all keep all of that in mind.



The thing I liked about this was the happy feeling tune of it. A very cool sound you had here. You had some diversity throughout this, and the handclap set up a powerful beat. Next time, try to incorporate some more sounds into this instead of using the same ones a lot. Change the song around and have a slow part, or speed it up.

DnX-Danefex responds:

thx for the review and thanks for the criticizm, i make my song useing the demo.lol. and yeah ill incorporate some of oyur comments into my next song.


Nothing really breathtaking. It was catchytune but that's about it. Not really special but a good start to your music collection

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DnX-Danefex responds:

thx for the review

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Jan 7, 2007
8:52 PM EST
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