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Classical Etude in D Minor

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Author Comments

This is a more classical piano piece, full of polyphony and other musical elements. :)


This sounds great! What piano vsti do you use? I like to compose piano too, but I struggle to find a good vsti plugin for piano sound!


Hey, this is some really good stuff! Much more intelligent than most of the Newgrounds!
I really like the melody part. The reverb makes it sound reallllly nice. And, their is definately much polyphony. Which isn't always good, because young composers generally put all this polyphony and rapid sixteenth notes. It generally sounds terrible.
You pulled this off only too well! You are one of the few composers on Newgrounds who can do all this without sounding bad! This is an amazing peice of music! I wish I could write this well, but I'm forced to rely on orchestration to cover my compositional weakness. I'm impressed.

I love it

love your music brings back my memories...In this piece it's one time when I felt so powerful protecting my friend as someone tried to hurt him with a crobar...In the end the other dude only broke my arm and I gave him two broken arms and the only reason I did that was so he couldn't hurt anyone for a while...

Great job smartgurl ^_^

SuperTonic64 responds:

What!?! :O

Did you call the police!? :O

I hope you and your friend are okay! :O

I'm glad you liked the song. :)

nice to hear from u again

lovely etude
wut is it a study for tho?
nothing sounds too difficult to me
great progressions
at some points i think i hear 3 different voices
not sure
either that or the left hand is doing stuff in between the several low notes at the beginning of each measure.
sounds fun to play actually lol
glad u finally got garritan now (bout time... haha)
many things to learn about it
i only recently cared about tweaking and mastering
cant wait to hear taht prelude
nice job


SuperTonic64 responds:

Oh, I've just been studying classical music a little more deeper than modern classical music. :) It's good to go back to the roots every once in a while. :)

Yep, sometimes I have 1 melody and 2 counter-melodies, but I was trying to make the song less repetative. :P It still needs a little tweeking though...:P

Thanks for the review! ^_^

I love all of the melodies!

I like this one. :) I like the melody a lot, and there are some nice musical devices you've incorperated in there.

Just as a note, I think there clarity could use just a little work, mainly in the lower tones, but I assume you are not yet completely familiar with mastering the Garritan? Either way, it's not that big of a deal.

Anywho, as I said, I like some of the melodies a lot. I don't know a lot about the study of counterpoint, but I think that you nicely created some counter-melodies throughout. The very highest melody in the treble cleff toward the beginning was one I liked quite a bit.

Out of the entire piece, I think the bass line could use the most work. It's not bad, but it, again, is a little muffled, and I feel was the melody lacking most. Not to say the melody wasn't good, I just didn't like it as much as the other counter-melodies in places. Also, try to maybe cut down on the pedal or something, because the bass does sound a bit over-pedaled or muffled in places.

I did really like this etude though, mainly for the many different melodies going on at once. It wasn't too much to follow, though there was plenty to listen to the song various times and follow the different lines. That made this most enjoyable, in my opinion. There were some small instances were there was some clashing notes, but I'm just being picky by saying this, because it really wasn't all that noticable.

So basically, my suggestions are to: Cut down on pedal use if possible, work on remastering, (mainly in the bass) and I'd also suggest trying to work just a little more on dynamics. Sometimes I felt one melodic line should have been brought out more clearly than the others, and that some should have been a bit quieter.

Really nice job though, I enjoyed this one a lot! 9/10 :D

SuperTonic64 responds:

(Sorry it's taken me so long for the review, just got caught up in some matters concerning scholarships I'm going for. :P)

As you have assumed, I am NOT good at Garritian yet...it will take some time. :P (Heck, I'm STILL learning more about FLstudio, and I've been using it since 2004!!!)

The bass line melody does need some work, I'll admit that. :D I'll keep working on that to make it more melodic and powerful.

That's what I love about classical music, so many elements going on at once, you can't pick them all out the first time! :D I have 3 main melodies in the piece, all with their own seperate variations. :)

Okay, but I don't use a pedal when writing, I use a notation program to help me. (I'm still in the process of learning piano...:P), but I will fix those mastering problems. I will also take your advice about the dynamics, because I agree that they seem random at moments. :D

Thanks for the awesome reviews! ^_^

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Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2007
2:05 PM EST
File Info
1.7 MB
1 min 48 sec

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