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~SW~ Thoughtspark

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Less shrill. Oops, I guess I emphasized the highs a bit too much on this one. They were kinda painful.

Well, this was a complicated one. I finished it after roughly 66 hours of work, a bit more than usual.

I basically constructed this over the course of almost exactly 3 months. It took a damn long time and way too much effort and energy, but it's done. As the basic description says, this is a series of inspirations over the course of that three months, manhandled into a coherent mass. And it's glorious.




More technical info for the musically inclined:

- Omnisphere for the pad, leads, and bass.
- Midi out to actually see all of the omnisphere instruments in a coherent way. (and to help automate some effects)
- DSK OranZe for the arps and the pad... thing with the long attack.
- Bunch of random VEH samples for drums.
- Other audio oneshots are from VEH or default FL impulses.

Mixer FX:
- oZone 5 for mastering, of course.
- dblue_glitch for some glitchy effects.
- Patcher for some complicated simultaneous effects that don't affect each other.
- Fruity Parametric EQ2 on ALL THE THINGS.
- Fruity Filter to help keep things tight.
- Fruity Formula Controller to do sidechaining and automate the intensity of it.
- Fruity Compressor for some more mixing stuff and to bring out important song elements.
- 3rd Bass for some tight bass amperage. I use it on all my songs because it's AWESOME.
- Fruity Delay 2 for some extra delay effects on the DSK instruments.
- Fruity Pan-o-matic for automatic panning instead of annoying automated panning.
- Fruity Peak Controller for sidechaining.
- oZone 5 Reverb for extra good reverb.
- Fruity Reverb for extra not as good reverb.
- Fruity Convolver for the one-shots.

There ya go! ^_^

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love this so much!!

SkyeWint responds:

Heyyyy, one of my earlier steps into DnB that was pretty good. I'm glad you like it! :) Wonder if you'll like the most recent stuff?

I can just feel the complexity in this track. You said the highs were painful but it was only 1:41 that bugged me. Great job. 5\5 ;)

SkyeWint responds:

Hahaha, dude. The highs were painful. Key word there being "were", thank goodness. I actually redid the master on this track and reuploaded it solely because of that, it started giving me a headache after I tried focusing on the mixing when my ears had gotten a break for a bit!

Hey mate,

good to see you are stil active and around! Very interesting and creative track. I really like its very special aesthetics. Great use of effects. Did you draw all the automation by hand or did you use some ducking technique where the drums kick throuch the synth?

I think my fav part is about in the mid of the track where the jazz chords come in. Great athmosphere. In general there are so many hidden details that the listener has to relisten the track quite a lot of times to become aware whats going on in here - and thats really A LOT!

The only thing that i personally do think is that its hard to understand the structure on the track. Not sure yet if its me who just has problemns to orient or if the track itself doesnt follow a clear plot / structure. But thats nothing i complain about. Personally i have been entertained well.

Great job! 5/5 - keep it up!

Best wishes,

SkyeWint responds:

Chris! Hey dude, it's been awhile! :) I'm totally still active and doing stuff - not as much on NG, but still banging around!

I didn't draw *all* the automation by hand. The stuff you were talking about with the bass drum and the pad/bass is sidechaining. I set a peak converter with high tension to the kick, and ran it through a formula that uses the peak of the kick as well as an intensity mod - which is hand-automated. :)

The jazz chords were fun <3 As for details, yes! I try to include a lot of tiny detailing in music - it's like carving something on handrails in the house. Most people won't notice consciously, unless they analyze it.

As for the structure... there's a very deliberate structure (ABCDEFGDH) that doesn't make a lot of sense when I lay it out that way. But, there are melodic ideas that repeat very deliberately to try and weave the whole thing cohesively together - in fact, there are only three variations on one melody throughout the whole piece. There certainly isn't a plot or story, haha! Only thing that inspired it was wanting to make music - and then having a good idea (the start of the dnb where everything drops out). It just developed naturally from there.

Thanks again, Chris! I'll try to review a couple pieces of yours soon when I have time! :)

Ok here we go. Eventually i'll make it through everything you've made.
Once again I adore your bass. The amount of sub is just perfect.
Your long buildups are fantastic, but I think this one may go on a bit too long without building. The energy level of the track is pretty stagnant up until about 1:40, could benefit from some greater swells and such.
I absolutely adore the section that comes right after. The glitched drums mesh perfectly with the sparse instrumentation.
I love all of your transition effects, they're absolutely marvelous in their uniqueness. I think you've found a really great sound for yourself and I look forward to seeing how it develops!

SkyeWint responds:

No disagreement about the long opening! That's part of why I had the section right after - it was an idea that worked better, but also kinda needed the intro to sound as good.

I've been working on improving my overall mix for a lot of my music. My recent stuff definitely shows the fruitition of those efforts, haha!

The transitions are also a part I work really hard on (though that's been for much longer). Hopefully I'll be able to develop this kind of sound more in the future! :)

This is a long one! Woah

And this is a masterpiece! Right off the bat, the really cool sounds draw me in. As the intrigue begins to settle and the melody to sink in, I begin to become comfortable - I'm in it for the long ride this time. You always keep the piece interesting by doing something cool, whether it be a cool bass drum riff, an unexpected harmony, a tempo change, or something else entirely. You always keep the sound dynamic, with continuous automation and evolution of the texture. With so many ideas, it would be really challenging to keep the piece cohesive, but the ride felt good when it was over - every piece felt like part of the same thing. The drums really helped to keep the whole thing together, and it was especially helpful that the drums were mixed so well. The entire song's production value is top notch, in fact - exactly what I'd expect from a legend like you. Props!

I can only have hoped a few things - perhaps a bit more variation in the actual synths used would contribute to a small nagging repetitiveness that hits me, especially when this track comes to be over 7 minutes. Also, I have to agree with TL that at 5:24, the drums feel a bit spam-my. The ending was really nicely ambiguous, but I feel it dragged on a bit too long.

But man, isn't this masterpiece just riddled with beauty? I can't think of much to criticize, or even praise because there's just so much going on here. Too much intricacy and complexity for my puny brain to handle, in the composition, the mix, the structure, the everything. Really, really nice work - have I followed you yet? Why haven't I?

I rarely give tracks a full 5 stars, but man, you deserved it this time. This is beautiful! <3

SkyeWint responds:

1f1n1ty! Hey! I haven't seen you around on my tracks before, so you might not be following me I guess. Welcome aboard if you decided to! I don't post a ton of tracks at this point, but I try to keep them as the good (or at least the fairly decent) ones.

First of all, I'm glad that everything fit so well together. That's always one of my big things with mixing/transitions and general instrumentation. I want things to feel part of the same piece, no matter how many permutations there are.

Part of me agrees with having more synth variation over the piece. Honestly, I would have loved to do that. There's only one big problem glaring in the face of that (well, one small one too - actually figuring out what the hell else to add): Mixing. Keeping everything balanced would be quite a bit more difficult when another instrument is added to the mix, mussing up its hair and all.That part is far, far easier said than done. :(

5:24 - yes, the drums do get a bit spammier there. I know that at the time, I was trying to think of how to "up the ante" or at least match the previous similar section, and that was the best drum sequence I could come up with.

Ending - yeah, agreed. It did go on a little bit long there, haha. I probably could/should have cut it by about 30 seconds.

>so much going on here
...this is what happens when you spend nearly 3 full days' worth of effort on a single piece of music. If you want to pick out all the little details though, I do highly encourage listening to it on loop for a little bit. :3 I always try to add in tiny little variations and sound candies throughout a piece for the people who really like it and focus on it rather than listening to it mainly as background.

Credits & Info


4.31 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2016
11:27 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
17.7 MB
7 min 43 sec

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