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Great Sci-Fi feel to this one! I'll explain the title if you ask... in a review. :)


Whoa, 07..?

Is this song really that old?? Whoa. Anyway, this song kinda amused me. It's a reaaaaally different sound, and you either like it or you kinda wonder wtf you were thinking hahaha... In my case, a bit of both, but I actually really like it. The whole mood/atmosphere of the song is great. Kinda not a fan of where you took the ssong though.. The last minute I was kinda like 'ummm.....' It's got a lotta character tho, I like it. On to the remix!!!

Karco responds:

Ha, it's well over a year old! XD My very first was finished on December 30th, 2006, to put things in perspective. :P

How'd I miss this review, though? You submitted it yesterday... o_O Thanks anyway for reviewing, even though it's insanely old. ;D

different i like it

i think of a space in a black unlit room trying to start up a light that just like a engine firing up but just reaching the point where it flicks on and then dies
It was great

Karco responds:

It's an older song of mine, but I'm glad you liked it anyway. Thanks for reviewing. :)

Very Different....

Like mentioned before, it really is something you never hear. I did like it, but there were a few things that brought it down. The beginning was perfect.

First, there's one section where alll the instruments gang up on each other and that's what it sounds like, as opposed to a melody :P Also, the instruments don't seem like their modified much, and I can recognize a few from when I used FL. Try adding FX to the instruments and experiment with tweaking the nobs ect.

That aside, it was refreshing in a way. Certain sounds were well used, and at most parts the tune worked.

Karco responds:

Funny - I didn't even mean to achieve that quality. I didn't even notice it until it was pointed out to me in a previous review. XD

I guess I'll go ahead and experiment with FX sometime - I've never really had to use it. Hah. The only times I've used it so far (in any of my songs, actually) is the fade-out of the pad in Dark Storms and Dark Storms at Sea, and in this song and my version of The Odyssey when I fade it out in the end. So I guess some experimenting was long overdue. =D

Again, thanks for the review. Each one makes my day. ;)


It was a little scary haha, it has a very distinct 8bit video game feel.

Anyway, great variation and effects. Theres not much i can say about this one.

Karco responds:

Scary? Never heard anyone describe it with that word. Hah. =P Anyway, glad to hear you like it. Don't worry, I don't require long reviews - I'm thankful enough you did. =D

Nice, nice


So I like the bass you have going on in the beginning but once it starts to overlap with the snare and clap sounds its a bit too much bass. Maybe more of a steady drum beat?

Good down low melodies. Theres not alot of change in the song which is good! =D Nice overall!

Karco responds:

Hmm - I thought the snare and clap were a good idea - maybe I should have just lowered their volume or something. And just so you know, I dislike steady drum beats - I wanted to keep them fresh throughout the song, although the part where that one drum pattern remains for nothing more than 20 seconds or so might have been overdoing it. XD

I guess you could say there's not a lot of change in the song, but only in the melodies and harmonies - like I said earlier, I kept the drum beats fresh throughout the song. I actually came pretty close to making more harmonies for that one laser synth, for the sake of more variation. One of the things I was practicing while I did this song was thinking of creative drum rhythms, which might explain why there were so many.

Anyway, thanks for the review - glad that you like it. :) (The song, I mean. =P)

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