A bittersweet memory

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I wrote this close to a year ago. Better late than never though. :P


Inspiration comes to me...

Somehow this reminds me such good moments, this is just a beautiful masterpiece! Keep it up!

BlazingDragon responds:

I'm surprised it brings up good memories, as it is a bit depressing when I listen to it. Very interesting! :O

Thank you for the review. :)


What inspires you to make such beautiful music? It seems that every song you've made sounds like there is something behind its creation.

BlazingDragon responds:

I guess my own experiences in life is what inspires the music I write. There were a few years when I was going through a fairly rough time emotionally. I had a lot of weight on my shoulders, and one of the best ways to lighten that burden was to express it through music. Since I didn't really want to talk about the way I felt, I just let it flow into my music.

Thank goodness those years are over! :P Now, I draw inspiration from a lot of simple things. I'll often see a brilliant sunset and write a song. We get the most incredible thunderstorms here, so I'll open up my window and write a song to the sound of the rain. It probably sounds corny, but I get a lot of ideas from simple things like those. xD

Thanks again for the reviews!

Sorry I'm late xD

I've been kind of busy these days (tests and stuffs >.<) so I couldn't show up =p

Aw dang. I wish I could send another review about Morning then =/

Well...anyways, here's what I think:

First of all, I found it really interesting your idea of gathering all those shorts stories together xD...it really makes sense ^^
Thinking about that, I tried to create a description which would match those stories =p

In the beginning, I see that girl, sitting in a cold corner of her cell.
She is with her arms crossed around her knees. You can't see her face, as she is looking down.

By 0:12, she remembers when she saw her boyfriend's spirit...when they try holding hands and when he vanishes. These memories are too painful for her.

Around 0:24, when the song gets different. The camera shows her trying to hold her cry, but she can't. She can't belive it all happened. This nightmarish reality.

By 0:36, images of bad things and good things, bad things, good things and so on show up in her mind. She's losing her grip.

At 0:50, she "awakes". Her boyfriend is at her side. They are happy. No war, no sadness, no cells or bared windows. Just both of them. Her happiness is something unimaginable.

Howerver, by 1:17, when the song gets "slower" again, she awakes from her dream. The frustration is unbearable as is reality, which is not worthy anymore. She decides to "live" in her dream, where her boyfriend is still alive, there's no war, no cells or cold iron bars.

That's it xD

About the song, I think it was really well made. It's smooth and fluid =]...I don't know how to describe the feeling the song makes me feel...It's a mixture of sadness with atouch of happiness....I don't know at all xD

This description was made in a little bit of hurry, so I don't expect it to be great or anything lol

Until our next "meeting" xD


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BlazingDragon responds:

It certainly fits with the rest. Not my favorite description, but a good one nonetheless. I thought it was cool when you said "nightmarish reality". That is a cool phrase!

I tried to give it that feel of sad and happy mixed, which is why I called it "bittersweet" in the title. The song is the emotion I get when I think of my past. I remember my childhood and some of the amazing memories, but it is sad at the same time to think of how fast those times went by. That is kind of what this song represents. XD

Thanks again for the review! I'm going to have to write more songs in order to keep up, lol. =)

More greatness

It sounded a little distance-distorted, but the song itself was great for my "needy" ears. Loved it.

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BlazingDragon responds:

This is probably the second oldest song I have on here, and I knew very little about writing music on the computer at the time. Due to that, this ended up WAY over saturated with reverb. Who knows, though. Maybe I'll rearrange it some day soon. :)

Again, thanks for the review!

your head...

is full of monkey feces and i hope that you burn in a fire that is very hot and you suffer miserably. Currently i am suffering from internal bleeding within my ears due to the sheer crap factor of this song. i hated it!!!


PS... I'm just kidding!
i loved it! good job

BlazingDragon responds:

...Thank...you? You've got an interesting sense of humor, my friend. O_o...

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