Dark Storms at Sea

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I've changed a lot in this song, including the name! It's also longer. Please review! =D



so sweet almost barfted from the awesomnesXD

Karco responds:

It's an ooooooold track. You may want to check something newer of mine...

Thanks anyway for the review.


If you listen to it, and then think of the name, An image forms in your mind of a dark storm forming on the horizon where the sun is setting in a fastened pace. OFcourse, now that you've read this, you won't be able to get ur own image. xP Oh well. Anyway, nice job. :]

Karco responds:

Sorry for the late response! It's quite difficult to check all of my songs individually now thanks to the new layout, so I, for the most part, only check the songs I expect to get reviews, which are my latest submissions. (You'd be better off listening to them, by the way, they're MUCH better. ;D) I was just jumping around my audio page out of boredom when I found this new review from more than a week ago! :D Well, here's a late response...

And, actually, since I made the song I'd probably find it easier than most to get my own images even after reading one here. Your image makes sense, I can see it quite well! :)

Thanks for the review, assassinnn, glad you liked it! :)

Holy fuck

This is some mighty improvements here... I relistened to your first track, and I can't believe you've improved this much. this is JUST the kind of music I like...

The feeling of the song is just like being at a stormy sea, and the wind is also giving a great feeling. I didn't feel that good about the laser shot fx'es you then mixed in, they didn't add any good feeling, they more of made it bland.

I love the melodies you have, they truly mix well into the song.

But, you may want some more diverseed drums, and the temp-upping afterwards sure wasn't especially proffesional and made it sound more bland than anything else, you shouldn't do it in steps, you should really not do it in all.

But what I liked about htis is that it has such a good aura, it gives a warm feeling inside, and that trtuly is what makes a song good.

Keep it up like this and you'll get really great one day.
Feel free to send more PM's if you make another step forward.

Karco responds:

Thanks for the review! You know, this is one of those songs I keep working on even after I finish it - I already have ideas for a sequel or remake, though I doubt I'll make one for a while. Hah. The criticism should really help too in making my next song - I hope to submit it soon.

Just a question - what do you use to make your songs? Because if you use FL like I do, maybe you could show me how to do some of the fancier stuff on there sometime if you don't mind. :) Thanks again for the review.


This track is awesome!

When you listen to it using stream of thought, the song is hectic. BPM's don't match, synths collide, FX are glitchy.

But when you listen to the musical flow in the track from start to finish the sounds are smooth and run perfectly together.

This is the first track on Newgrounds that I have listened to that has that quality. And that makes this track special.

The quality is perfect aswell. Except maybe at the start where I think I heard a few clicks as the pad retriggered at different notes, but that problem is miniscule.

The track seems simple, but if someone were to attempt to recreate it they would have a pretty big job on their hands.

A very nice track.

And to clarify...When I said 'stream of thought' I was referring to the process of listening to a song in your head. Unless you have perfect recall, you won't listen to the song exactly how it would sound from start to finish. For example you may start off with the chorus and go straight into another chorus, then to verse 1, then verse 2, etc. Whereas if you were to listen to the song from start to finish you would discover that the order of the song was in fact Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus. But in your head it sounded correct (provided the beat and melodies were static throughtout the song)........ROFL. I hope I havn't confused you.

Nice song. Keep it up.

Karco responds:

Another review with perfect 10s? XD Heh, I hope you stick around to review some of the songs I submit after this one - though trying to think of a melody, let alone a song that tops this one has ended my daily song days. =P We'll see one soon enough. (Oh, and nah, you haven't confused me.)

Thanks for the PM!

Anyways on to the review:

First off, I can tell that you have a lot of potential because of the quality of the sound and your good beat rhythms. My only suggestion would be to maybe change the ending to your song. Go out with a big finish, rather than just stopping the music automatically.All-In-All you have done an awesome job. Keep up the great work!!!

: ) Responses Are Greatly Appreciated: )

(Anytime you want me to reviw your audio, just PM me with the Title)


Karco responds:

You're welcome for the PM, and thanks for the review. :)

Glad to hear you like it, though your suggestion confuses me. I'm pretty sure I did go out with a big finish. Do you mean that I should have a longer finish than the short one I did it with? I guess you could say it was too short. I might think about that if I come back to this song later on, which I definitely will once I get better.

Thanks again for reviewing, it makes my day every time someone does! =D

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Jan 3, 2007
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