dj_padman - Renegade

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Breakbeats...give it a whirl if you dare. Comments and condescension welcome.


sounding tight

i like your ear for choosing sounds, you must have a good sound library going cause theyre always different and always on the money.
Nice snare work in here, dense but controlled.



Since u reveiwed my new song im here to give u a better reveiw turn back.

Ok what i did was to get those beats was

If i remeber. leme chek hold on ...........................................................

Fruuty slicer. i use the ps and put it on low using right nkoob. to make it heavy. and the att on high to the top. To make it reversy effec

OR make it smooth out . and i forget the rest.


fruuty reverb . deley 2 i think two of them . phaser and flanger to make it smooth =D something like that .

U could figure it out. to get those glicht beats i did .. Hmm ill say that in ur next song to keep things goind =D xd

To ur song.. well this music is to good for me to judge i think its the perfec dnb relaxing song =D When i burn a cd can i put some of ur songs on? if i remeber to XD!

Well ima think ima make one more song maybye this weekend. If my freind dosent invite me over to play halo 2 XD

to finish of the convo WEEEEEEEE MY FAVORITE PART..

Audio / dj-padman1

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Doing it again....

Firstly ... wow BN.

Secondly... I love this song man, great work.

Now i have read all of BNs review and have listened to this song at least 5 times and have tried my best to hear some of the negative things he's remarked on. Now, either i just don't get wtf he's talking about or he's making it up because of jealousy. (Unlikely but... ya never know) I was however a bit disappointed in the ending, a rather simple fadeout dose not really give this song justice. And i suppose i will admit that one thing that BN said was true. The synth where just to quiet, the background ones where good, for that parts i could hear them.

The beat was fantastic for all of what i heard. I will admit that i truly am not a great music maker, and because of that i will never really be able to pick out those subtle little negative points that some can. But i don't give a damn about that, all i do give a damn about his how well done and kick ass this song is. So if what BN is really true (most likely is) then I could never hear it.

Lastly... the glitch, you know what I’m going to say, but i will tell you anyway. It was excellent. The thing i like mostly about the glitchy, shuttery things you put in your songs, is the structure of them. It dose not sound like you through them in there for the sake of having them, it sounds damn good and i am glad to know of at least one Ng artist that can pull it off so well.

Well my sucking up is over, sorry that i cannot provide such a detailed breakdown of your songs up's and downs like BN, but i figure, knowing that ya did a good job is all you really need.


dj-padman1 responds:

right on man, picking a song apart with analysis is cool. But at the end of the day, if you enjoy the song then I'm happy!

I'm glad you enjoyed the glitch, I'm working on some 'fresh moves' as we speak. And you're absolutely right about the fadeout...the song is actually longer so I just faded out so it would fit.
I hang my head in shame a little for that, but live and learn.
Thanks for your continued support ;)

Great work

This is beyond me and my abilities, this song is definately complex but here is my opinion of it. I found the glitche work very unique most people use it as a intro or break into something with it, I was impressed to hear an entire song made from it; good job. I could only famin how long 10 solid sec of glitching would take me and thats what I am learning. Around 33 sec personally I would use more of a creamy bass but thats me. Hope to hear more unique stuff like this.

dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks man, check out guys like Aphex Twin and Squarepusher if you're into glitch. They make me look like an amateur!
Catch ya.

Freaking sweet

Normally im not much into DNB, but I came across this and its freakin sweet! Something I can Listen to over and over and over and..........well, you get the idea XD Great job on this one XD 10/10 and 5/5vote from me XD


dj-padman1 responds:

grazias amigo, I'm very happy you enjoyed it. Dont be a stranger now y'all ;)

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Jan 2, 2007
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Drum N Bass
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