TIGER M - Nexus of Protoss Nexus of Keyboards (Original Mix)

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This is where "Blazer Banging on The Blizzard BattleNet" began
and is what inspired three other completely original StarCraft dedicated songs:

2. TIGER M - Terran Phone Home
3. TIGER M - Zerg Rib Shack
4. TIGER M - Random Start - System Selects (Original Mix)

and this one

1. TIGER M - Nexus of Protoss Nexus of Keyboards

Like the other three composed-productions, this
Original music was inspired by StarCraft 2 and a coincidence!
This was the beginning of the said-coincidence though so I'll let You know
that "Nexus 2" and "Nexus" are Professional Quality Digital Audio Workstation
Synthesizers used even by the likes of Acivii and Armin van Buuren.
Learning this I wanted to test the 'House' and 'Electro' makers which are
Compatible with Live! 8 and have a name ["Nexus"]
which is the same of title of the Protoss 'Probe-making'
Construction Yard in respectivly StarCraft 1 and StarCraft 2 [SC and SCII].

Feel free to substitute the orchestral in-game music for this original mix
and you and You may be inspired by the music and get a record like:
1v1: Platinum Rank 1
2v2: Platinum Rank 1
3v3 Platinum Rank 1
4vs4: Gold Rank 2 ^_^
[Went for "Rank 1" in 4 vs 4 but ran out of Season days]

I am out there too and no-brags --
that was my record for Foxtrot mostly playing RANDOM
I have had a lot of fun playing Protoss [although Terran
can be terrifying at the open as can Zerg -- Quality and Efficiency is Protoss

Completed as dedication to the Protoss team in SCII as well as 1
And contribution to a unique alien storyline and society as created by Blizzard Ent.

The composition and production of this song I
did completely in Ableton Live! 8 inputing production with
the ever pro Nexus 2 =) [certainly worthy of praise as well -- name and all

As with the affore-mentioned original songs the other jams produced are
like this one -- dedicated to their team Play-styles too ! =)
Complete with trance influences and ambient-rhythm production
I hope You like this

Please Enjoy !

One of four original arrangements and songs completed as
compositions with the StarCraft Universe(s) as dedication

Keep a listen-out for the Full Vocal Mix when I get
quality time to room with my Shure 87A

The song has a storyline associated to the lyrics having to do with a Void Ray XD
Lots of fun making and the lyrics [as is the original music] are fun

Until the FVM [Full Vocal Mix] is done though -- please feel free to
indulge in the Instrumental mix! I want to share the "Pylons!" Part! XD
Until that tho enjoy!

A lot of love as well as bypassing procrastination went into sharing this!

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists,
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown)
- Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Producer, Eternal Student & Being of Existence,
-BAM! P.E.F. WAM! D.A.P. DJ, TIGER M ^_~* [Continued-on Day 2016!]
-5:03 PM (Tuesday October 4th, 2016) [Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator]


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