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Author Comments

SURPRISE! Another song! This one has just been finished, and it shows my progress so far that all you guys helped me out on! So, as a reward, if you're tired of hearing Tmm43's version of Eurodancer, here's mine!

FL Studio
BPM: 130

Edit 1: Fixed some bass near the end.

Enjoy and Leva Coment!

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heh somebody still cares about this song? :) you already have a pretty detailed review somewhere here, so just a few of my words:

Structure and composition are fine this time, really like that chill part at 2:00

but mixing is not cool yet, it needs simply better loudness leveling, that lead drowns everything else, the snare clap thing could be also quiter

and some of the fx are reeally loud and could use some EQing like 1:14 or 2:31.. those things really interfere with the rest of mix.. turn it down, maybe sidechain it

and take breaks when mixing, maybe try it on different sound systems, at different loudness levels, at different star constellations and so


Coolasp1e responds:

Wow, thanks for da awesome review!
I'll be sure to take your advice on the mixing, I just like the lead loud so I'll try to go into uncomfortable territory.

And don't worry, I'll be sure to try it in different time-space continuums.

learn how to mix pls

Coolasp1e responds:

THe thing about having headphones like the ones I have is that it's hare to mix so yea... :P

I'm listening to this song while writing this.

Intro: The start seems great, a bit repetitive but not much of an issue. Pads and chord progression sound great, the intro piano goes well with the mood of the song and follows the progression very well.
The fade in of synth around 0:16 is bit long for the buildup to be at 0:37 (If you're planning that synth to be a part of buildup)

Not a bad mix, the snare seems too loud, the volume of snare you used when it starts at 0:37-0:40 is decent enough. (pro tip: Never automate volumes of instruments in song, if you want them to fade in/out in the song, use a low pass/band pass filter instead).

Drop: The drop wasn't bad again, but this overall piece lacked some 'awesome' fx like sweeps, risers, reverse crashes, crashes,etc. Once again the snare felt overpowering as well as I guess it didn't fit well into the song, probably because it's not in the key of the song (maybe its just me).
The addition of intro piano again at 1:00 mark is what I usually used to do when i first started with dance genre, nothing's wrong with it, just saying :p

Post Drop: the fx you used at 1:14 is 'horrible' (I'm not good with harsh sounds, but still...) i would suggest you to replace it with a fade out white noise and a long kick and crash. The buildup at 1:27 has nice variation compared to first. The addition of some synths with bassline around 1:44 is good.

Second Part: I loved the breakdown part after 2:00, the cutting of leads and stuff. You should've added some variations to the piano pattern there because the listener gets bored because you overused the same exact pattern in the first part, always keep listener hooked up at the second part with variations. i saw a minor hook at 2:30 though, so you're doing good. Try minimizing repetitiveness in the second part as much as you can.

Breakdown: Again that 'weird' fx at 3:34, you need to replace that mate, it just cuts off the flow of the song leaving listener in shock. If the piano melodies would've been varied in the second part, and then the come back with older melodies from the start at the breakdown would've been more satisfying.

Good track overall, keep it up!

Coolasp1e responds:

The whole point of the repetitiveness of the melody is because it is a remix. The song mixes two melodies, the piano, and the synth. Although I could've used everything else you told me (The harsh effects are supposed to do that, first one trying to cut off everything but the piano and slowly bringing it back) everything else here is pretty much getting that Eurodancer-esque vibe. Thanks anyways for the nice review!

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3.25 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2016
5:05 AM EDT
File Info
4.4 MB
3 min 53 sec

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