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-Edge of Existence-

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Author Comments

07 Dec 2016- This is the final version. For Now...

Kill Teqneek will contain a newer mix.

Please let me know whatchu think tho doe though.

Beat by the masters... Anno Domini. Go check them out on the internet, and tell them Teq sent yo ass.




I got the blood of Edgar Allen Poe flowing through my veins//

And in a family full of poets he's going behind me//

I've thrown lyrics away more lethal than Mogadishu is known for evil//

StilI I go unnoticed and overlooked and unknown to people//

Sliding off the edge of existence ever since I existed//

Realizing life is a gift and I'll die to try to live it//

...But I committed to some bad decisions//

Disastrous living, the 2 world's wackest women//

I'm a magnet attracting sadness a tragedy tractor beam//

I'm accumulating a massive amount of wisdom too rapidly//

... and I have to breathe I don't think that the path I'm traveling//

Magically ends with me and the girl of my dreams and happy//

I never actually asked for the lives of 9 cats//

Give me a decent 1 and you can have 80 of mine back//

...The price of gathering up all of this wisdom//

Was too massive to pay and sadness was the cost of admission//

I tried to shine too many times and I oxidized and I rust//

'Til my confidence has been battered and systematically crushed//

And I'm shattered-

...And every one I love burns me up//

...And everything I touch turns to dust//

I been used and I'm used up can you understand where I'm speaking from//

Learning so many life lessons I should be the one teachin'em?//

....Losing your mind is impossible when you're Jonathan'//

I can't escape a prison I'm locked inside of and lost within//

I can't relieve the symptoms of a meager existence//

Beaten and underestimated til I'm weak as an infant//

I'm addicted to pain and constantly making the same mistakes//

And repeatedly paying for em' and praying my faith away//

But I'm blessed...

And I feel amazing I'm kidding I feel abused and angry//

Unappreciated by people who should appreciate me//

...An introverted extrovert I need to be heard//

...Yet too embarrassed to get on a stage and to speak words//

I can't communicate a chain of events//

To you if it thoroughly confuses me the way that it went//

But hey truthfully if could I wouldn't change too many things//

I love the person I became I just hate the world that created me//

Abandoned stranded standing here staring in disbelief//

Like my destiny is to prove to you Karma is make-believe//

I'm abandoning sanity 'cause I'd rather live in a fantasy//

Then play the victim in an existence which isn't fair to me//

Living had kicked my ass before gripping a pen and pad//

My older brother killed himself and it messed me up really bad//

And my dad is an addict I'm amazed that he's still alive//

My suicidal little brother attempted it 5 times

And I'm eager to please the people who take advantage of kindness//

The least deserving of earning my trust always seem to find it //

A shell of the hell of a guy that I always thought I would be//

I'm a skeleton in a cell and I'm clawing out of it constantly//

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The writing here is really tight. The multis are nice, though I guess couplets are a pretty basic format. Flow is pretty tight and on-point. The half star I took off had more to do with too much of your verse being doubled and the delivery feeling a little flat (something that I can't quite nail myself to be honest.) More than anything I think those two things together made it kind of hard to parse out the emotion that the lyrics were conveying. That said I really enjoyed this for the honest lyrics, consistent writing, and overall concept.

Teqneek responds:

Thanks for the insight Kwing. I'm trying to veer away from the dubs. I think it's a byproduct of me never being happy with my takes. But I'm trying, and I'll get better. It's been a long time since I've been on the mic and I'll get back in my comfort zone. I know my lyricism is better than it used to be, but my delivery and mic presence is something I need to re-gain. And I will. And y'all gonna be like daaaayyyyummmm


Teqneek responds:

Thanks brother. Nice to see your e-face again; hope all is well homie!

how magnificent it is, that human beings can adapt to the toughest situations, and not only adapt but also shine.

yo, speak that! on this side, i felt the immense power of soul, many things youve said within this piece left me feeling awestruck, respect, empathy, admiration, and also temporarily captivated by the essence of your being.


one thing i feel that you couldve worked on a bit more was the mixing of your vocals, and perhaps even a step back, to the actual recording process of your vocals. in some areas, when you speed through the words, it does hit the rhythm, but it gets drowned out by the high frequencies of the melody.

another note to keep in mind, is the energy you are feeling at that particular moment when youre in the booth. youre prolly familiar with this notion. it felt like you were not feeling the words as much, maybe previously to get through such drastic events in your lifetime, maybe you had the wall up a bit to feel more emotionally/psychologically secure/stable, but its like you had dammed up a river within you, and only some of that good water gets across.

your words are powerful, not to mention the way you interpret things are brilliant, though it seems that you are not feeling your own words as much and the meanings behind them. it could be because you are re-recording the same parts over and over again, till the focus of expression is shrouded by the concentration of articulation patterns, or it could be that you are only doing one-take recordings and you get distracted by external matters or just get tired a bit halfway through.


these kinds of things happen a lot, especially in the martial arts of linguistics and logical bombardment interacting with emotions and im definitely no expert, just things that i have been through myself. sometimes, i observe these systems of processing (the stages of creating something our of nothing, translating complex feelings) and see the similarities between it and society by large. the way society moves through life shits and even our own species altogether through existence, is really reflective of our expressions within artistic boundaries and also the actual way the common man of the era thinks and feels.

alright, im getting a bit off topic now.


one of the most outstanding quotes that i felt from this piece were (random order that i just picked out):

"im addicted to pain, i cant stop making the same mistakes"
"everyone i love burns me up, and everything i touch turns to dust"
"but hey truthfully if could i wouldnt change too many things"
"a shell of the hell of a guy that i always thought i would be"
"i got 2 girls i love to death, i just hate the world that created me"
" im accumulating a massive amount of wisdom too rapidly, and i have to breathe i dont think that the path im traveling, magically ends with the me and the girls of my dreams and happy"
"i tried to shine too many times and i oxidized and i rust"
"then play the victim in an existence which isnt fair to me"


all of these quotes are genuine, heartfelt, and it is some of the things that i personally feel too.


sometimes i wonder about getting older, and my dance with these imperfections, the same imperfections that make me who i am, but they do not define me, though people use them to try to define me.

sometimes i wonder if this dance will only get faster and faster until ***pop***, thats it, or maybe i will learn how to dance better with such a shitty dance partner that kicks me and punches the wind outta my gut every 30 seconds. not to mention the chokeslams, lol. but i think everything ive been through, you have been through.


you know, sometimes its a lot better to just not look inside pandora's box. cause sometimes, theres things in there that scare the shit outta me. its like, my mind is a haunted house or something, but home is where the heart is. my bad for the essay, lmao.


push on brutha, dont let it get the best of you.


i like to refer to music as one of my good entity friends, she always helps me fight demons (neg energy), but at the price of individualism and consumerism here are some songs id like to share with you, i hope they help you in life:



peace thru pieces

Q ~~

Teqneek responds:

Hey I'll most likely edit this later (edit: okay it's edited. also thanks for the links, I'm checking them out), to give a proper response to this- but I just wanted to say HOLY SHIT man this is by far the longest review I've ever received!

I appreciate the time you put in to writing it, and I agree with you on a lot of points.

I need to inject more feeling into my songs, I've always known this too. A few factors play into it, the main one being the lack of self-confidence I touched on in this song actually. I second guess myself, feel like people who aren't within earshot are like RIGHT next to me, and I bottle my emotion. I always feel like I'm being scrutinized by people, even if they aren't really there. Or even real...

Man I used to be so fucking outgoing; I remember running on stage, grabbing the mic out of the singer's hand, and proceeding to rap mah classics while the band just kept on jamming.

That actually happened. And yes it was fueled by alcohol but my point is this... nowadays I could never do something even remotely like that, no matter how intoxicated I may be...

Plus- grabbing the mic out of someone's hands is pretty dickish, and grounds for an ass-beating, although I do recall seizing some window of opportunity, where I knew I could pull something like that off without relentlessly being pummeled by a reggae band... I think... Honestly though lol I have no recollection... of any special moment which inspired me to take over a live show and think the band would be cool with it- but I did just that. And that's the type of confidence I had.

Then sooooo much bad shit happened in my life. Just awful event after awful event, nonstop, and for years. And it hasn't slowed down- if anything it's increasing in frequency. This song covers only a fraction of it really.

Anyway... Bad events and bad human beings have seriously killed my confidence, and now I have phobias of being criticized by both real and nonexistent people- and it causes me to bottle my emotions, including when I'm recording. And it certainly contributed to the nearly 2-year disappearing act I did from this music thing.

I have supreme confidence in my written word; but in order for it to reach out and impact someone, I have to use a part of me that is pretty fucking damaged.

Basically, I completely agree with your feedback about the vocal tone. And honestly I hope this song also provides an explanation as to why that is. Thanks for the thought-out review Qwaint. You da man.

Holy shit, this is some real naked shit. I fuckin love it. I feel bad for saying that I love this shit when you put so much real pain into it, but I do. It's weird, because it's incredibly personal but you know it really does resonate.

I love this real life shit you've been dropping for a minute, although I hope you ain't letting up on the mad rhyme-fu shit either.

Only criticism might be that figuring out a hook and a verse structure would make it way more re-listenable. But in terms of the bars, and the skill, and the approach it's... Sublime, dude. Keep making shit like this.

Teqneek responds:

Thanks Ax. I am terrible with hooks; I know. I can write them, but my problem tends to be all the lyrics I write for a song and fittng them all into the tracks tends to push away room for a hook.

Although I just rambled incessantly at the end of this one, so I could've put a hook in this. I just didn't. Thanks for the input man, and I'm glad you like the song.

Ignorant-ass rhymes are being recorded tonight though btw- so I'll soon be back to my old self. Just a way better version of it. Musically at least...

Dopeness, Teq! Love this version, lyrics are a lot clearer and easier to understand. Awesome track, and I love the real, raw personal emotion flowing through your lyrics these days. But I hope we'll still see some more of the 'old Teq' in the future -- with his pure comedic gold and incredibly witty lyrical flips.

Teqneek responds:

Thank you Rampant. I'm glad you're feeling this new stuff. I promise though, my next track is all about ignorant-ass narcissistic self-hype...

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4.58 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2016
2:26 PM EDT
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