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Author Comments

made some trance again


pls follow :) https://soundcloud.com/willdekeizer


Bangin' kick. I like the touch of verb on the very first synth, sounds like it might be default bit it's a really nice sound. I'm a trance fan. A progressive trance fan. So I might be biased in your track.

Fairly nice mixing, I feel it bleeds a tiny bit, like it could be tightened up a tiny tiny touch. But honestly, pretty good.

The composition and progression is nice, you don't miss any hits or transitions. I feel like part of what could be tighter is the shape of your synths and instruments, you could refine some of them, refine the volume envelopes to get really tight rythms, use some gates, use some note-length variety is what I'm saying here.

It adds that extra energy to a track.

But arrangementwise, you hit all the spots, you have a bridge, you have a progression, etc.

That up down pluck synth around 3:20 that goes on for a while is a bit stand out in the mix for being plain, since it's your main lead for quite a while I'd consider changing the instrument or dressing it up a bit. Even something as simple as a delay might rescue it from standing out as too plain to be a lead.

I like your lead up that happens after this, I can tell you really understand the arrangement of trance songs. The beat that follows the lead up is spot on around 4:45, it is definitely classic trance at that point.

So summary:

Anyways, overall good track very well arranged, that's your strongest point, the chord synth could be less bleeding, that one synth I pointed out as plain should be fixed, and maybe refine some of the shapes of your envelopes but honestly, very well done track in every respect.

Loved the transitions, they're smooth as butter.
Buildup's, ahh, I'm speechless, they're perfect.
the chord progression's are great, synths are amazing too!
The middle breakdown section was one i loved the most, that flanger effect fits greatly in it.
wobbles in the end, and ping pong delay were again awesome.
I couldn't find a single thing bad in this,its pure beast!

Keep it up!

Sequenced responds:


ahhhh...classic Trance.

Listened on Yamaha HS Speakers

Mixing: Smooth as a baby's butt. That Kick… God like...I kneel before you.

Arrangement / Music Production:
Very well done. Your transitions are smooth and your sections are pumping all the way through. The Bass, Fx, cymbals / hi hat.
Your middle section was a nice contrast. And I love the robotic ping pong delay sound. Added a nice flavour as it was being filtered out.

Your leads are very well crafted. And you constantly add little gestures whether its delays or arpeggiated sounds being filtered. Are you using a Comb filter by chance? At the end I could hear synthetic voices. At least that’s what it sounds like.

Your melody lines are fantastic, but again, what keeps interested is all the other shit happening around it & how they all feel side chained together, like the whole track is a wave.

Your Kick sounds like it has RR or are you just altering the pitch of it.? regardless, nice variety.

I would mention all the things I noticed, but you have too many gestures to count. One of them I love is that robotic Pulse that comes in on the 2nd beat & the noisy syncopated sound that comes on the “and” beats. It’s being filtered as it comes and goes - heard at 1:58.

Nice track dude. I feel like I’m at an 80’s club on LCD.


Sequenced responds:

thx bruh

this is my favorite stile of trance lol

For trance this had a lot of variety. I really loved that kick, it was a bit loud imo but I still found it uplifting as I'm assuming you were trying to project. Other than that I really liked the sounds used in this.

This song is the shit. The mood was fun, the pacing was perfect. I love all your songs! Now I just have one question for you, where the hell is my download link??? Anyway keep up the awesome work and keep cranking out the good shit!

Will Dl when I get a link


Sequenced responds:

It's being scouted for labels right now

After a couple weeks of nothing really comes up I'll have the download link up

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4.79 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2016
11:46 AM EDT
File Info
16.3 MB
7 min 8 sec

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