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Hello newgrounders!!

Here is a piano song I made for the NGUAC final round.

I saved a project over the song I was supposed to upload for the contest, so I've put all my mind on it to create this song this afternoon after work xD Now I have to take a break and eat something haha!

Well, it's not as good as I wanted it to be, but anyway... I hope you enjoy! :)

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the beginning is really nice i love music like this, its somewhat comforting or calming

This piano song is good and flowing. You can feel the sadness coming through.

sebastien01 responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked this song :)

Sebastien01 - Memories:

The Good:
-Extremely good and expressive playing.
-Very nice and well-developed themes.
-Some really nice rhythmic/time signature changes like at 0:38 and 0:42 - I felt that extra beat or two you had in there!
-Oh my god, those arpeggios are amazing. I know how stupidly difficult arpeggios can be as well, so this is extremely impressive to me.

The Not-So-Good:
-I think that the biggest flaw in this piece is expressed in the middle of the piece - you really stuck with that *one* thematic idea throughout a lot of it without much development until the end.
-What happened to the theme played all the way to 0:56? It just kinda vanished for the rest of this.
-Honestly, I think that it would be excellent to introduce another instrument or two into your music to really show how detailed and skillful you can get in your writing. While this isn't generally important, I think that would have expressed far more of your talent in your music for the contest, which could easily have pushed your piece that extra step to victory.

The Result: 9.3/10.
Okay. Confession time - my primary instrument was solo piano for about 8-9 years, so I really hope I haven't been biased in this. But really, this is a fantastically well-written piano piece, and very well-played as well. Please, definitely continue on - you got this!

sebastien01 responds:

Thank you very much for this review!
I'm really glad you appreciated this song :D Thanks for the good words, and the details about what you appreciated in this composition. For these time signature, it's cool you noticed them :) I like to introduce some on a lot of my piano or classical songs, like a waltz with some 5/4 on it. Break the rules! :)

For real, I thought the same thing the day after the final day about this second theme. I should have made (And "will make") it shorter for the second theme, then repeat the first one, then a third theme, and a final. Someday I'll post a remake of this one.

Yeah adding some orchestral elements would be nice too :) I think I'll go all piano on this one, and when I'll get a good orchestral soundbank, I won't be affraid anymore of these midi'ish sounds I have on my computer so I'll revisit some of my older tracks to add some strings and brass to them :P

Your confession is making your comment value level up X 3!! Consider yourself highly considered! ;)

This is an official NGAUC Review

My personal rating for your piece is as follows:
Production: 16/30 (Low Average)
Composition: 25/30 (Above Average)
Instrumentation: 13/15 (Great)
Originality: 9/10 (Great)
Interest: 11/15 (Above Average)

Giving a total of 74/100, or 3.5 stars.

Please view your rubric for comments-

sebastien01 responds:

Thank you very much for the review Sam! The production part hurted a lot :P I listened to it in my car's audio, and I think I have too much res on one of my filters. I'll take a look at this. In my headphone it sounds a lot clearer. I should have listened to it in my car before midnight the final day :)

I take note of what you say to me, thanks for the tips, the encouragements and the compliments, it's truly appreciated coming from you.

I like the flowy, soothing piano. It has a great, human quality to it. Either you recorded this live or did some excellent work with the humanization, because I’m loving all the dynamic contrast, phrasing, and subtle tempo changes. At times it seems a little stumbly, such as at 1:55, but that’s a minor detail that just emphasizes the down-to-earth vibes even more. It has a great sense of structural ebb and flow. You did an excellent job of creating melodic development and structural variety. Compositionally, this is one of my favorite pieces of the round. All of the frequencies sit well in the mix, and you had an appropriate amount of reverb in there to make it sound airy and full-textured. To be honest, I’m a complete sucker for piano solo pieces, but at the same time, I might’ve expected you to take a few more risks for the Final Round: adding some string harmonies, an unorthodox key change or bridge, etc. That said, it’s hard to be overly critical because I’m swept away by this piece. Nice work! :D


sebastien01 responds:

Thank you very much for this review! I was going on a display of emotions on this song. I recorded an improvisation on my keyboard for around 1h30... Right after I oversaved on my project, in fact my song was supposed to be a D'n Bass composition. But whatever, I have to forget it now xD. It's still haunting me! haha

I've put my mind on this song. It's always when I come to a point where nothing else exists but my instrument and my imagination that I'm able to spread my feelings on my keyboard, a kind of state of trance. I don't know how to describe it better but I think the human feeling sound comes from there. I was lost in my mind when these notes came out :) But yeah I didn't play it exactly like it is right now, but all the notes stayed the same if I don't count some missed notes here and there. I corrected some flaws --and there are some more to get rid of on this version--, amplified some cresc. and Rubato, added the reverb, mixed the piano sound with two parallel eq and filter. Then I panned each of the freq/filter output to a compressor, having in mind to cover a large frequency range. I'm really glad you noticed this airy and full-textured piano sound resulting from the mix job :)

Adding some instruments and re-work on it is in my to do list. I would like to make a longer and fuller version, without the flaws I hear everytime I listen to it :P I seriously didn't expect this reaction from people and judges to this song, so the results are higher than what I expected. That's a nice prize for me :) Thank you very much for the good words and the contest! It just can get even bigger for the next year! :D Seriously you deserve the "contest master of the year" achievement! ;)

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Aug 18, 2016
8:32 PM EDT
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