Mawkeetus-Destined Apocolypse

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Sorry bout the late submition...i changed the chorus, piano, and melody; enjoy/comment



boring eh well this is far more boring then my song. you have a fine melody line then you don't jazz it up or anything this is shit. don't review mine any more k tell you and your buddies to avoid my page. we are just too different. in our styles to actually make a good review too one another. We all define good music differently lets just go our seperate ways and nvr speak again. out of fear of harming you our starting some gay feud. in closing nvr review me again and i will nvr review you.

BMC-Audio responds:

LOL...dude, what the hell is wrong with you. your whole attitude is purely based on revenge because i gave you ONE... not so complementing review. I agree about you not reviewing me because, of course, it's always out of spite in your case. And stop trying to act tough towards me and my friends with your little threats, you come across as a huge asshole on newgrounds. i suggest cleaning up your act kid.

oh,and LEARN TO TAKE CRITICISM and how to make good music.

ill leave you a pm...



Wow.... Did you use a keyboard for the choirs? They sound a lot like the choir synths on the Yamaha keyboard my friend has. This is great, the one thing that really irked me was the fact that the kick wasn't mastered well, if it was mastered at all. But that's small potatoes, this is fantastic!

BMC-Audio responds:

yeah... i agree about the potatoes.

but thx for the review, and about the kick, i didn master it or anything but i'll look into better kicks for future songs. thx for that advice.
i'll check ot ure songs.

-mawkeetus speaking from the xx-chiron-xx account

wow this is like reaslly good

wow, this is a good song. im not so into clsasical but i have to say this really does stick to its name. just the chorus flute thing at the begining sounded pretty weird and unnatural, like the other guy said.

BMC-Audio responds:

thank you for the review! i really am flabergausted at all the 10's...thanks!
like i said b4, the thing in the begginning was a fl studios chorus (if a friend hadnt stopped me, that sound would have been the chorus for the whole song!)

Anyways im glad you liked it and i'll checkout ure songs.

-mawkeetus speaking from the xx-chiron-xx account

Good, but faulty

The chorus in this is absolutely amazing, and the piano is really well done through most of the song, but I think you should have picked a different woodwind for whatever sound the song starts out with (I really have no idea what it's supposed to be). It sounds too mechanical, it doesn't fit in at all with the rest. The drum loop could have also been spiced up a bit, it's just the same sound hit over and over.

Really the whole song seemed mechanical besides the parts with the chorus. A nice tune to listen to, but I'm just pointing out all the bad parts so you know what to look for in the next one! :D

BMC-Audio responds:

thx for the review Cory, I completely agree with your critisism. the sound in the begginning was a crappy fl studios chorus which i changed to my likings... and the drums, well, i didnt really want to take away any of the melody or distract the listener from it. i probably should have done more with it. I was goingn to work on this song more and focus on those parts and add strings, but i was too lazy at the time.

thx again for the review; i'll check out ure stuff.

-mawkeetus speaking from the xx-chiron-xx account

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Dec 24, 2006
1:08 PM EST
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