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I managed to pull this together, using blood, sweat and loads of duct tape.

I wasn't initially going to make this a loop, but since I'm running out of time I had to use some shortcuts.

I must apologize for the dissapointing quality compared to my previous entries... At the very least, It's better than Greyhounds.

Dolphin: Acid
Massive: Various background synths and square lead
3xOSC: Sub Bass
Kontakt: Choir, Piano and Brass

Drums from Subsonic Flux samplepacks.

One sample from freesound used (CC0 Public Domain)

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EverReverb - /Ultraviolet Dreams\:

The Good:
-This actually has some really awesome ideas throughout it. I particularly like the arpeggios and filtered chords.
-All of your instruments are clearly audible (except a few), which is wonderful. They're also very fitting instruments which work well together in general.

The Not-So-Good:
-It's a loop. It's not a full song.
-There isn't really any variation throughout the loop. The melodies change, but that's about it - there aren't really much of any chord progression changes, the general mood stays the same, and I'm pretty sure the drum pattern hasn't changed at all.
-The thunderclaps and filter sweep SFX in the background are pretty much entirely buried throughout. You may want to consider removing them as they don't add much to the piece other than extra unnecessary noise. The same goes for the background arpeggiated acid synth.

The Result: 6.8/10
Okay. Everything here is good. Keep doing it. Just... do it with more variation and in a full piece instead of a loop please. <3

EverReverb responds:

I agree with you on everything except the last point. I did try leaving the acid and especially the thunder out, but for me at least there was a noticeable difference. Though, that could be my ears getting used to the song in production stage.

But yeah, in retrospect there's lots of stuff I'd want to do better, especially those drum patterns you mentioned, and way more variation overall.

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My personal rating for your piece is as follows:
Production: 19/30 (Average)
Composition: 19/30 (Average)
Instrumentation: 11/15 (Above Average)
Originality: 8/10 (Above Average)
Interest: 11/15 (Above Average)

Giving a total of 68/100, or 3.5 stars.

Please view your rubric for comments-

EverReverb responds:

Thank you for your in-depth review ^^

I like the engaging, energetic, and bouncy vibe of the beginning. This piece has a full-texture, and you’ve clearly displayed a good sense of harmony here. I suppose one of my chief complaints is that it’s structurally extremely flat. Just because it’s a loop does NOT mean you can’t vary the texture of the piece at all throughout. I wanted to see you strip away the drums, pads, or bass (or all three) at some point during the piece and create a breakdown or bridge section that channeled the emotion more. You had very little in the way of dynamic contrast or phrasing to give this piece a sense of structural ebb and flow. This flat plateau of a soundscape is fitting for background and/or video game music, but not for maximizing musicality. There was nothing particularly unique you did with the sound design or progression. I also thought that some of the melodies (such as the piano melody at the beginning) needed to be brought out more and that the drums - especially the snare - were much too quiet, especially considering this is D’n’B. The melodies themselves were quite strong, though. The loop is very smooth, and the mood of this piece is a good balance of energetic and atmospheric that I wish you had capitalized on with some more phrasing. These structural details can make a big difference at this stage of the competition, but nevertheless I enjoyed the mood, full texture, and melodies. Keep at it, EverReverb. ;)


EverReverb responds:

I certainly didn't make this a loop to excuse the lack of structure, that was my own incompetence :< I really wouldn't have wanted to enter with this piece, but you gotta do what you gotta do :P

At no point did I believe that this particular piece would take me somewhere on this round. I just made this so I would have *something* to enter with. But it's good to know that there was still aspects you found enjoyable :)

Anyways, thank you for well thought out review, and great competition ^^!

Wow, good beat all the way through, I love the energetic feel to it. I feel like it could've used more "bass" but it's still really good. Also, good use of FX too. I feel it would be good for a fast-paced video game.

Awesome DnB Track :D <3

EverReverb responds:

Thanks ^^! I did want to add a bit more variation to the drums, make the bass a bit more interesting and overall give this cleaner mixing. But I guess that you'll have to stick with this :P

Also in the future I will be trying to keep uploading new music more often and more regularly :)

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Aug 18, 2016
12:43 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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