Tracks for Unfinished Games #1 - Rainforest

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A track I created for a game that sadly never saw the light of day </3
Made with Massive and other Native Instrument VSTs.

You're free to use this non-commercially. For commercial use, send me an email at abitapeaudio@gmail.com


Wonderful. I'm sure you'll be able to find a use for this elsewhere. Agree with 1f1n1ty that this feels a little more space-y than rainforest-y, but it's a great track overall. I love the small touches (like the tinkle on top at 2:00) and they really add to making this piece being quite special.

P.S. I love Massive, too.

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ABitApe responds:

Thanks for all your comments Stratocaster. It's really fun to get to know what people actually thinks of your music. It gives me a lot of motivation to fight on as well! So, thank you :)

And yeah, I understand the naming can create some confusion. The reason for the naming is that the musical clusters were based upon rainforest sounds and bird singing.

Also, massive is great! But, if you liked Massive, you should really check out Serum as well. That's also a great freakin' synth :)

You got skipped in R4R for writing an actually pretty legit review, so I'm serving some justice today :)

So let me start by saying that I'm really enjoying this sound right now! The soundscape is gloriously achieved, the sounds are gloriously made, and the riffs are gloriously written! You say this piece is called "Rainforest", but I feel like it would more appropriately fit something spacier - a rainforest is just too dense of a space to be portrayed by a track like this, imo. Along those lines, though, I could totally imagine some heavy rain pouring behind this track!

You mixed piano and chiptune elements very well! The piano sounds very intimate and close, but the chips sound very distant with their panning effects and spacey reverb. While that's not bad at all, I feel like you may have been a bit extreme with that contrast - maybe EQing the piano a bit differently or using a softer attack on the chip sounds would close the gap just enough to create a complementary contrast rather than a contradictory one.

I would say the biggest issue here is progression - I can't exactly follow where the energy is going in this piece. After the drums fade away at 0:58, all the energy just seems to disappear, and then it's soundscapes for a long while until the piano comes back in. And then the intensity comes back in during the outro and just fades away into the end of the piece. I feel like you could have developed the flow a bit more and made it more cohesive - here's a clear emotional peak, and here's a clear emotional breakdown.

Overall, though, this is a really nice piece! Sad to hear that the game this was for didn't make it :(

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ABitApe responds:

Really appreciate the review man! Love it when people give some in-depth opinions on my songs! ^^

Haha, the reason behind it being name Rainforest is as many of the smaller melodies on the higher synths are based on actual bird-songs and that was what I was going with the track at the start. But yeah, maybe should've named it something different as the feeling isn't completely right.

And yeah, you might be right about the contrast! Will tinker with that for upcoming songs and see if I can make it fit a bit better.

Oh right, the progression! I know the progression is a bit weird in this one and I've gotten very different opionions on it. But I agree with you, it kinda builds up to nothing, you get some long ambience and then it builds up to nothing again. It was a bit of an experiment on my side, but I totally agree with you. Need to work on my structure.

And again, thanks for the review, really appreciate it!
I also took the chance to check out your song Veva while I wrote this response. It's freakin' dope! Will listen to more of your stuff when I get the time again :)

Nice drums! And this is very calming after the minute. The first part gives me a sense of dubstep(But there is no drop) and the second part calms me down. The 8 bit gives me a sense of retro which is a favorite of mine. Although it would be made better if you added nature sounds and stuff that makes it ambient.... but it's for a cancelled video game project, so that would apply to very very deep ambient tracks. Overall, nice job! P.S: I like the reverb.

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ABitApe responds:

Thanks for the review Ultra!

About nature sounds, there are actually nature sounds between 01:00 to 01:30. Wind and birds. But maybe I should've made them a bit louder then? Even rain comes in at 01:30. Though it's very processed.

And haha! Everyone comments on the reverb! It's the RC48 from Native instruments with the "Atmo Sphere"-preset. A large reverb. RC48 is freakin' nice overall so check it out :)


The song flows really nicely, transitions from "action" to "calm" are pretty smooth, not forced

There's a nice combination of 8-bit "dirt" sounds, smooth piano riffs and reverbed pads

I really like the ambience feel, this is a proper use of stereo - it moves, it lives - a lot of similar pieces just have all the sounds stacked in the middle, no use of far left/right,

My noob-producer ears can't hear any mixing problems, so good job with that

All together it seems quite professional to me, could be perfect music for some "less pixel" game

scouted ya :)

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ABitApe responds:

Thanks man ^^ Really appreciate the feedback :)
Good to hear the transitions and the stereo-width works well as I was a bit worried about those things! It's two things people usually mentioned as things I needed to work on in earlier tracks.

And thanks for the scout :3

I've worked on a game that never saw the light of day for I think, at the very least, half a year, before. XD It sucks.

Anyways, always a fan of Native Instruments. Nice sounds, and samples, I like your reverb, whatever it happens to be, everything sounds good on the sample side.

Sparse composition but not without structure or purpose, creates a mood, has atmosphere and I could see this working in the background of a game for sure. Would add a lot of mood. I see dark green and grey, maybe some rain.

I like your little piano riffs around the 1:50 mark.

Very nice ambient piece. I feel your choice of 'pipe organ' sample could have been a little fatter? I don't know, it's not really a criticism though because the one you did choose also works. And also I'm not listening on the best speakers right now, so I don't hear the bottom end as well.

At the 2:55 mark you have a very dry square synth, that's the only instrument that sticks out as not belonging, it's used right to the end of the song. You might want to touch it with verb or replace the instrument, so that it blends in with everything else and sounds like it belongs.

Overall last impression? Good song for what it was intended, an ambient background piece for a game, really nice atmosphere, and I enjoyed it.

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ABitApe responds:

Thanks for the great review! Honestly, I can see you put effort into it! And oh! Did you make music for the game? And if so, did you release any of the songs even though the game never got released? Would be great to hear.

Yeah, that reverb is nice! It's the RC48 from Native instruments with the "Atmo sphere" preset. It's one of the large presets.. I use it a bit too often haha!

I do agree on you on the pipe-organ. Atleast now when I finished the song for standard-release instead of for the game. So point taken! And yeah.. the fact that I need more bottom in my tracks is a regular critique I get, been mixing in headphones so it's hard getting it right! But I've ordered monitors now.

Oooh! Didn't even notice the square sticking out before.. More verb would probably help yeah.. Need to work on my mixing skills!

And great to hear you liked it ^^ Really enjoyed your critique mate!

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