Zyzyx - Bubbles

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I worked very hard on this one! Just some happy Tobu & Itro-ish House music for ya :3 This nearly broke my computer... I was getting a system overload every 5 seconds (LITERALLY). So yeah I put tons of effort into this. I hope you all enjoy.


Great Style and Buildup!

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

tbh this is old and I hate it but thanks lol

I like the first part of the song. The mini drops on this song are AMAZING! Keep it up bro :)

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Not my style of Tobu. I like Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway. I dont like dreamy themes but for a dreamy theme and electro house together is good. Just based on my genre. Electro house is my favorite genre

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DJ-Zyzyx responds:

I like all the genres of house, but I prefer electro house yeah

Woah! I like this style! Well done for working so hard on this one!

I'm going to review this from a house producer's standpoint, as a lot of people on this website don't really appreciate house.

To start, this song really had no introduction. It was really mostly the same up until the buildup. With house, I find introducing one instrument and a simple melody works best to start a track. I also had a hard time following the chord progression a bit. It just seemed very non-existent for the first part. My first real problem with the track is the first melody. It might just be me, but it sounds slapped down and random almost, and it just doesn't sound like a house melody. I know this is a personal flaw, but I spend hours sometimes stressing over melodies. To me, they're the most important part of a house song, so I feel like if anything, they should be worked at the most. Now, I'm not saying you didn't think hard about the melody, but to me it sounds like a weak melody and it could have used more work. Another thing that bothers me is the synth that was used to play it. If anything, I would have used it more as a background synth with lots of reverb. It just sounds kind of obnoxious, especially in combination with the melody.

I also feel like the structure could have used more work. It felt mostly the same for 30 seconds up until the buildup. Now, this kept it being from generic, but it also wasn't unique. Usually, I have a problem with having very generic house songs (same chord progression, same structure), so in that way this beats me. I feel like some of the main part of the song (verse, if you will) could have been given to a better intro. Throwing people right into the song isn't always the best way to start.

Now we get into the drop. The drop is... as much as I hate to say it, cliche. A lot of the older songs I made sounded like the drop in this. It uses the same instrumentation and form as a lot of other house songs out there. The melody is also somewhat off. I just feel like the melodies in this are weak. Again, I focus possibly too much on melodies and I might be a bit critical about them, but these melodies seem dull and they probably won't ever pop into my head randomly like many other house melodies do. They don't have to be super complex, as that limits how much people can remember, but they shouldn't be lazy either. The next thing I have a problem with here is that it gets a bit cluttered in the second half of the drop. The two main melodies coming together can be something that helps the piece have a better sense of progression, but in this case the two melodies kind of clashed. You can tell if a house song is well made if the two melodies come together and compliment each other. In this situation, that wasn't the case. It sounded almost as if they both used different chord progressions. All of those put together make it seem crowded. EQing and panning could have helped it seem less crowded, but the two melodies probably shouldn't have been put together.

1:34 helps add some structural contrast, and while it still has a somewhat weak melody, it's probably the strongest melody in the song. The problem is that it repeats for another 50 or so seconds before the drop kicks in again. Those are really the only issues I have with it. It changes instruments and melodies, so it's even less cliche than some of the house out there.

I feel like you should have done something to transform the second drop a bit more. It was pretty much exactly the same as the first one, and with that, it came with the same issues. Then the outro was pretty dull, and I think it could have used more than an impact or downlifter.

I feel like you took quite a big step backwards with this one. First of all, I didn't hear a lot of Tobu in the song, and I felt like you took a few things from a couple different people (Like the Geometry Dash sounds from Etzer), although I won't take anything off for it because to be frank, there's nothing wrong with it. The melodies also seemed a bit lazy as well. It felt like one of your older tracks, IMO. The plus with this song is that it's somewhat original compared to most house songs out there, even though the reason might be a bit different than people would expect. Overall, it's an okay track. Mostly I would say stick with what you're good at, and practice house a bit more on the sidelines.


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