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This was started as trance mix of lockyn's Aqua but as I failed to make it as"real" remix, this became a completely different song .
Anyway it took 11hours with fl studio 12.
Used 3xosc, sytrus, fl keys, and string(with direct wave).
drum,fx,voice samples are from fl studio stock sample and vengeance trance sensation/essential house sample
Worked so hard but finished with copy-pasto...
Well.. This is my first "finished" work so I think I have more room to improve :v


Okay! Heres my review as promised.

Alright, first of all the beginning and end sections dont fit with the middle section of the song (They sound like they belong in two completely different songs.) I get that an intro and outro are standard in a trance song but still it could at least sound in tune with the rest of the track.

Now I want to criticize the intro/outro separately. The actual melody doesn't fit in well with the background, I have a feeling that when you made it you thought it sounded cool and so forced it into the song. Its quite a big problem beginners have (I still do it myself sometimes) Also its very monotone which in turn makes it very uninteresting to listen to.

Now the build up, Honestly If I were Creating a song that's how Id start it as it would work well for the beginning of a track. the piano samples from fl keys you used are the default, its pretty obvious because it sounds a bit disgusting (In my opinion) I like your implementation of orchestral into the mix. it really adds to the ambient atmosphere of the section and I have to admit the way you re-introduced synths into the section in the build up made me feel a bit nostalgic sounding similar to something you'd hear in a hardcore-dance style track so you won me over with that too :3

Now the actual main drop of the song was quite good but i felt it was repeated too much and needed some mixing up/shortening. that is actually my only critique with that section; it was too repetitive. Otherwise I think that it was quite well made, the drums were quite solid (A little quiet, but that's my own personal tastes) and yeah, this whole section made me feel very nostalgic mainly due to your main synth choice. I also get the repetition, the cons of good 'ol copy and paste to lengthen the track, but I prefer a shorter track with more variety than a longer one that has a lot of repetition. It gets a bit boring eventually. remember: Variety > Quantity when it comes to music.

Overall, this is quite a good track. Its quite good except for a few things, but they can easily be improved upon in the future with some work. The intro and outro, its good to get a second opinion on a track as your making it because you alone are looking at it through rose tinted shades, and make sure the person you ask isnt biased and willing to give you honest feedback. the fl keys... yeah, you need to use a different piano (I Use the grand piano option, it sounds a LOT better).
and well, you really brought home the nostalgia to me on this one (I used to listen to a lot of hardcore/dance tracks when I was younger so yeah...) and as such, Id love to see you have a go at making a hardstyle/hardcore track at some point (I think it would turn out quite well)

I also saw that the previous person scouted you, personally Id really be struggling as to whether or not scout you in this situation but in the end I probably would scout you as the errors in this track are quite easily fixable in future tracks and the other sections actually sounded quite good.
I only really like to scout people who can produce decent enough music and have experience doing it. (personally, my general rule of thumb is a 3.5 star review = scout, and I like to be as critical and constructive as I can be when writing a review)

My rating: 7/10
So yeah, good job :) Looking forward to your next track

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Violin! That's good to listen middle parts :D and what's the violin, pure and dreamy synth at Climax part and male bariton vocal? I wonder :3

Amd you have been scouted. Hope your happiness :D

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OrBiTaLGD responds:

just used fl studio stock violin synth with eq :)
voice was also in fl stock voice sample.
and thanks for scouting :D

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