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Everything is Canaan

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Author Comments

A paradise you'll never want to forget.
The FINAL track in You Create Everything!

Sadly, this'll be my last song on here for a while ;-;
That is because I plan on going full professional. I may put an occasional track on here and there for games and stuff, but other than that, I guess this is goodbye for now...

I will be making songs, if you wanna know, at some other website. I'll put a link in a news thing to the website I'll be on.


hi there sir

composition-wise it's ok-ish, melodies have that positive vibe, which I always like, but it would deserve more variations both in instrumental and rhytm aspect, you know a few super energetic bars like in 0:30 and then a few laidback ones, with longer notes lenght, using some other synth sound

maybe try to add some drum fills every few bars, you know a bit juggle with the drum rhytm, four on the floor all the time isnĀ“t much entertaining

mixing isn't super good, I can hear all the instruments when I concentrate, but they are quite drowned by the main lead e.g. 1:59 that arp thing could really add some groove, provided it would be audible! Maybe try to sidechain harder and cut some very high-end on stuff to create more space for hats and so.. and there isn't much of bass, I believe every dance song should be driven by a kick and bass

I would compress the drums more, if you have no idea, try googling drum bus compression, it can really add some punch

hat 0:30/1:15/2:16 is a bit too loud and should have longer reverb decay imo

Overall it has some potential, but there is still a lot to work on

And I think there is no point of leaving newgrounds, I know that it's kinda rare to get constructive feedback here, but you can still get some new fans and stuff here, I guess the more places you post your songs on, the better


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Coolasp1e responds:

Hello there sir.

Thanks for the review, I always get told I've got potential, and I think I can work on a LOT of things, really this song is just a test to see what I can do. I do have another song coming up, and probably am going to release it here. I do think this is a nice solid place with a bunch of good people (like you ;3) with not many ass-kissers or haters. I thank you for your time and consideration, you keep up the good work!

Oh no don't leave ! :'(

Melodies :
I really like your melodies. They are really complex, and there is a lot of variations ! But I think as it's almost always the same structure, it gets a little bit boring. Even at 2:13, when the structure changes for your buildup, it's the same kind of melodies, I mean it's still a short loop which you drag and drag again (adding some variations). I would have loved if you just had made a longer melody at 2:13 instead of continually dragging the loop.

Instruments :
There are good ideas for the instrumentalisation. The mixing is on point (especially on the beginning, with that ultra-reverbed-subtle-kick I absolutely love). Stopping the background instruments at 1:43 or at 3:28 was hell of a good idea and I loved how you mixed the pan from right to left at 2:28 ! But there is a few little problems. First, maybe you should increase the volume of your snares, then, the transitions such as 2:13 sounds really bad, so do your ending. Finally, it's always the same instruments, there is no variations on this point. Maybe you could have do a more dramatic part somewhere in the music, with fewer (or lighter) and different instruments, in order to give your music a more powerful and complete aspect.

Personality :
Here's the big problem of the track. It's reaaally repetitive and uses always the same structure. The thing is we can't love this music because it sounds always the same. It needs more different parts in order we to never get bored, and make it sounds less generic !

Melodies : 1,5/2
Instruments : 1/2
Personality : 0/1

It's of course not a bad track, and you could do amazing pieces with your melodies creation's skills, but it's just pretty generic ! I just hope I'll hear some more of you ! I'm looking forward seeing you back on Newgrounds and I wish you the best for your professional projects ! =)

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I like the trance synths specifically the super saw


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2.35 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2016
1:08 AM EDT
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4.1 MB
3 min 33 sec

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