Vu Bakveesh (The Hard Worker)

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Goodlife being consumed by Darklife. Hard work and 2 contracts. Please vote fairly.


yo. first review 4 you...

it's a good song. good length too. it just sounds like some chords are disinant... idk if you ment that or what but they are there.
any way, the emotion behind this is nice. it's not a fav, but it is good

Strange composition...

Hello Bosa!

It's been a long time passed that I reviewed one of your songs - but the time has now to come again.

But... I'm totally puzzled with this song. It has soooo wide range of styles, emoition, instruments... it could be enough for a full soundtrack score. But my most problem with these that they don't give a coherent feel - so the global feeling of the track is not a homogen complex.

But let's se step by step.

The beginning piano is ok. A bit softer tunes could give more feeling of it I think - especially for the lower tunes. Than you changed the piano to the guitarre - a bit too abruptly but it's not taht serious. Nice, but the same goes here. And as I could hear there is a false tune there in the end... but not so disturbing.

The next part is a but puzzling... like a cartoonish music where Jerry is hiding around watching for Tom... The pizzicato and the melody give me this kind of feeling. Also a bit carneval-like theme that I could imagine to it.

The pinao part after it is also ok, a bit sad and for me is a bit to sudden change after the carnival feel - but I can feel the continuity.

But the slow strings part... man... it blow my away. Wonderfull melody and when you layered the female woice over it... fantastic and great. I'd suggest you making a stand alone track from this part. This is the far best part from the song. The strings waved like the real ones... Excellent!

The next coming parts are also abrupt. Again cartoonish feel... totally in contrast with the slow string part.

And the Jazz-like part... sorry to say this but it's not fitting here after my opinion.

The next slow string part was again a greatly composed part - but a darker one. The choir part was also fantastic - altough the highly pitched female cahoir was a bit disturbing.

And than the song repeats itself without I could notice.

Summing it up: this track is really diversificated - and I think it's too variated. I think you wanted to grab a complex experience with this... and this is not too bad approach. But next time I'd suggest to work with melodies that are more related to each other - because I havent feel any relation between the melodies. Sorry when there are any but I can't find them.

Don't missunderstand me: you got great skills to compose for many kind of feelings but I don't think it's a good idea to put them into one. It's like you'd read a drama that turns abruptly into a comedy and than an epic story and back comedy to romance... So it's strange...

But this song has definitely got great and uplifting moments. I'm awaiting your next submission.

Happy and peacefull Christmas to you Bosa, and dont give up the fight!

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3.99 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2006
2:39 AM EST
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