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Hello! This here is a medley arrangement of a number of Metroid tracks (bonus points if you can name them all!). It's a collaboration project I worked on with my good friend Darren (who, apart from helping me tons with the arrangement and thinking of a lot of ideas, is also the person who performed the vocals in this track!). We made this to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Metroid franchise, a game series we're both passionate about.

This uses FL Studio with various FL plugins, Omnisphere, East/West libraries, and Vengeance drum samples/FX. My aim for this track was to make it super cinematic and soundtrack-like, but with electronic elements, making it one of my first orchestral/electronic hybrids. A couple of fun facts!

1.) There five different Metroid tracks showcased in this medley, and one of them is very subtly hidden.

2.) This project file has over 100 playlist tracks.

3.) FL crashed on me around ten to fifteen times while making this. Thank god for the automatic backup system.

4.) There's a bit of fun sound design stuff in here, like reverse reverb, bitcrushing white noise, passing synths through guitar amps, low/high pass filters, etc.

5.) One of the Metroid tracks I arranged here was already arranged in my other collaboration track Primoris. I borrowed a couple of ideas for that track and enhanced them.

This wouldn't have been possible without a number of people, so let's list them all:

Arrangement by: Stephan Wells (Step)
Vocals: Darren Kerwin
Latin Translation: Rozen
Artwork by: Karston "Sylux102" Vasquez
Special thanks to: Reven

We worked very hard on this. I hope you enjoy it!


Et de a-bys-ses
a di tus crea-tu re a-mis-sio
um bra in mun do

Et sur-ge ae quor
stra-ve runt ve ne num
fi nes
pa-cis e duc et

Al ti-ran-tus noc-tem bra-va
im-pe-rio ag-nus de
fen so-rem
ad lu-cem mun di

o-no vu-ta ri
e-ro lu-mo-ri
vis-e co-ran i
va-lor a-me-la-tus-a

o-no vu-ta-ri
e-ro lu-mo-ri
vis-e co-ran i
va-lor a-me-stra-to-rem

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This is the best!

Sexy orchestra you have there. Only complaint is that I dont like the lack of transition into the vocals. It's jarring, and they interrupt some badass strings. When the orchestra comes back and joins the vocals, then the song becomes truly amazing again, so you are forgiven. 9.5/10

This is quite lighthearted for being a Metroid tribute, surely wasn't expecting the bubbly vibes :)
01:35, oh I see you're also a fan of movie-like brass rises, I see. Honestly, what else can I say, after all these detailed reviews down below.
It sounds sharp, as expected, no complaints about the mastering. It's very melodic, I gotta say, I was expecting something more atmospheric and dark, but you ultimately went for a more "standard" I guess cinematic/electronic sort of style, which I guess is still fine within the context, but how about a little more oomph next time? Just a bit more punch, something that goes straight into your guts and catches you off guard. I've been listening to many tracks with a similar style, honestly, and my general impression is that authors sometimes sound like they're afraid to go full throttle, preferring to settle for a sound that is already well-established and known, but it's still too clean, a little too sterile. It's undoubtedly good, but I think it lacks that spark that makes you say "Oh yeah, it's that guy right? Oh man, I love that feeling!" as if it's too "politically correct", too polished. It sounds weird, right? How can an audio track be too polished?
At the end of the day, perhaps I'm rambling, but I guess my only real advice here is to follow your guts more. Strive for your own individual style and perfect it, bring the best out of your own imaginary because it's YOUR imagination. Experiment, expand, explore. Don't be afraid to leap in the dark sometimes, it's always good to try new things and bring new feelings, new emotions, sounds that you wouldn't probably dare imagine, let alone utilize. :)

I love the atmosphere at the beginning. The spacey instruments are cool, from the luscious pianos to the synth arpeggios at :09. The mixing and mastering are top-notch as always. It's a little slower to progress than most of your other pieces, but it affords the track a great sense of climax and "breathing room." I guess one instrument I wasn't a huge fan of was the melody synth at 1:15. It was just a little high-pitched and harsh-sounding for my tastes. The melodic content itself was very enjoyable throughout, though. Also, I've digging the chord progression by around 1:35. I'm also a huge fan of bass slides (1:32) in general. :3 When the piece started adopting a more orchestral texture, I was completely hooked. I guess I was a bit disillusioned by the build-up at 2:07, however. It didn't really lead anywhere, and then you switched gears and launched into another tension-ridden electronic section, as opposed to the cathartic orchestral content I was expecting based on the build-up. Oh, wait, it's a mash-up. That explains some stuff. XD When the Latin vocals came in, I knew I was missing something. I still think this medley lacks some sort of epic climax, but at the very least it feels conclusive enough by the end. Overall great work, undoubtedly! I think you should experiment more with electronica, Step. ;)

Step responds:

Heyyyyy. Thanks for reviewing!

You read my music like a book sometimes. I definitely intended this to progress more slowly than my usual music, which you pointed out. Things like the buildup lasting from 1:32 - 2:07 or having such a long instrumental intro before the vocals come in aren't things I usually do.

We're gonna have to agree to disagree on the synth at 1:15 :(. That kind of thin, sine/triangle-based synth is something you hear often in the Metroid Prime soundtrack, and I wanted to emulate it. I like how precise its pitch is and how it cuts through the mix, just like it does in the original soundtrack. Perhaps it was a bit too harsh/shrill though. You might be right!

2:07 is something I can't disagree with you on though. I was hoping that the buildup with 2:07 would be the tension building which would carry over during the quieter bit and then get released at 2:12. That was my plan, at least. Didn't really turn out like that and what we ended up with was an almost arbitrary-sounding change in direction. In my defence, it was damn difficult to smoothly transition between those two sections! As I told Skye below they're in a different key/mood/time signature, so I definitely found trouble progressing to the second half in a way that made musical sense.

Aw, I was kind of hoping 4:08 would be the "epic climax" you're talking about. I threw everything I had into that part haha.

Thanks a lot for the honest review. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Sup! It's been awhile since I've reviewed your music, and I saw this came out. So, why not?

-Excellent arpeggios at the start, and a fantastic intro overall in general.
-Good percussion and excellent use of background instruments.
-Good progression with the shift to a darker idea around 1:40, particularly with the tempo changes shortly afterwards.
-Your bitcrushing and FX processing is actually quite fantastic.

-The singing is excellent, but the solo voice seems a bit out of place for this music (if not your music in general). I think part of it is that it feels very weak here. It also has some mixing issues towards the end of the track.
-Overall composition organization-wise, this might have benefited from a harkening back to the beginning arps towards the end.
-The arpeggios at around 0:43 seem to be dissonant and out of tune with the rest of the piece at that point, though it's a background issue.
-2:12 seems like an awkward transition, though I get that it would be a hard transition to make considering the different chord progressions and moods. I just think it could have been done better there is all! :)

THE RESULT: 9.7/10
A fantastic medley, good sir. Your music never fails to impress. As always, I could only find smaller nitpicky issues in the piece. A good solid download for most anyone, particularly people who like metroid.

Take care, man!

Step responds:

Hey Skye! I almost forgot how much I enjoy your review.

I'm happy with all the good stuff you mentioned, but especially pleased that you like the FX processing. It's a big deal coming from someone who morphs sounds like playdough hahaha. I definitely had a lot of fun playing around with the synths here. Passing them through guitar amp distortion gave some of them some really nice grit.

I'm gonna swap to a blow-by-blow format for the criticisms because I have something to say for each of them.

"-The singing is excellent, but the solo voice seems a bit out of place for this music"

I know what you mean. It's something Darren (the singer) and I both agree on. I think he definitely did a great job on the vocals here, but even he was a bit disappointed that he didn't sing with more power. These are actually a separate set of takes that you hear in the song; the first set came out a bit too weak and he redid everything. They're better now, but I agree that the singing style could be a bit more powerful.

"-Overall composition organization-wise, this might have benefited from a harkening back to the beginning arps towards the end."

That was actually the original plan, but I had such a hard time transitioning from the first half to the second half that I had no idea how on earth I could smoothly get it back to the first half haha.

"-The arpeggios at around 0:43 seem to be dissonant and out of tune with the rest of the piece at that point, though it's a background issue."

Hm... possibly. Come to think of it I am hearing a few weird major 2nd clashes between the arpeggios and the melody. However, those arpeggios and chords are copied pretty much verbatim from the original track, so I think that dissonance is probably present in the original track too! Might check it out properly.

"-2:12 seems like an awkward transition, though I get that it would be a hard transition to make considering the different chord progressions and moods. I just think it could have been done better there is all! :)"

Argh, 2:12. You're not the first to point it out. I didn't know what else I could do to smoothly transition those two sections. They're in a different key, different time signature, different chord progression, and different mood :(. I figured that the buildup would accumulate a bunch of tension which I could then release with the bit at 2:12, which would justify the transition, but I definitely agree it's not smooth.

Anyhow, it was great getting a review from you again! Thanks a million for dropping by.

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