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SharkBite - Windward

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Author Comments

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Alright... This is likely the last song of Dubstep weekend, but if you guys like this stuff I can make it a part of The Shark's routine.


Okay, so the whole song sounds repetitive. The drop also feels like it has no structure, although I may be wrong, as I don't produce dubstep. Maybe try and include different things every once and a while. Also, the melody feels a bit strange. It sounds somewhat random. It's also played an octave or two higher, which makes it sound tinny and unpleasant. If you moved it down an octave it would have sounded better. The highest a main melody should really go is the 6th octave, otherwise it becomes uncomfortable to listen to. The piano is also too spread out. The lower notes should be in the same place (on the sound-stage) as the higher notes. The highs are also panned too far to the right, so it sounds as if they are borderline behind you. The max I'd recommend panning instruments is 30%, and that's only if they really need separated in the mix. Since this mix was somewhat empty, panning wasn't needed a ton.

Another thing I'd work on is not using loops. It sounds like there's a lot of loops in here. Even if there's not a ton of loops, it still sounds like there are, which isn't good. Using a loop or two is fine, but you want to make sure that it's not obvious it's a loop, otherwise it sounds unprofessional and boring.

This song also sounded a bit empty, which isn't always a bad thing, but in this case it wasn't necessarily good. It was a bit quiet and could have been pushed a bit harder. There also wasn't a lot going on for most of the song. Now, that's more of my personal preference, but I feel like when there's empty space, there's an opening to add elements that make it more interesting. Adding too many can make the song cluttered and sloppy, while adding too little makes the song seem boring and like minimal effort was put in. Another thing that made this seem empty was the lack of volume on some instruments. In electronic music, especially dubstep, the kick should be a very prominent feature of the drop. It should cut through everything else. Next is the snare and bass, then the melody and after that everything else. The kick and the bass should be very close in volume, but when the kick plays, the bass's volume should duck to make room. This is known as sidechaining, and is used in nearly every genre (if not every) of electronic music. The bass's volume should duck the most, making it somewhat noticable. Most times the kick will help make up for the decrease in volume. The other elements, such as the melody, should have light sidechaining, just in case the lower frequencies get in the way of the kick. If you feel it's necessary, you can sidechain the other percussion elements too, although I usually just make sure the volume is low enough that they don't get in the way, as more often than not, they're playing along with the kick. I'm mostly telling you this for future reference, so you know the next steps to take if you take my tips into account.

In conclusion, I'd give this song a 4/10. I don't hear any clipping issues and the instruments fit together relatively well. My critiques are that it sounds quite bland, the piano has quite a few issues, and some elements were not mixed in well. As it stands, you have more songs than me in just over a month, as opposed to my 10. Now, that's not saying anything bad about either of us, but if I were to judge your work by how many songs you put out, it would be safe to assume that your songs are of lower quality. I end up putting over 30 hours into each song just because I have to work out every crease in the track while making sure it's better than my last song. One last piece of advice from me (I didn't take off any stars for this) is that you should start trying to make your next song better than the last. If you stay at the same level the whole time, you're bound to lose followers and everyone will lose interest. One thing that you might try is spending 4-5 more hours on your next song. Make it as good as it can possibly be. If you don't know what to add, do what Chael said and do a bit more research on your genre. I'll stop here, as this has dragged on for a long time, but please consider what I've said for your next song. It will help you to start taking steps to becoming a better producer.

The fact that you currently use loops makes this near impossible to review, because it leads me to believe the entire song is comprised of loops.

Try obtaining some individual drum samples, VSTs and make melodies with the piano roll.

Piano sounds alright, but do some more research in your music production if you really want to get better.

TheSharkBite responds:

Ummmm.... You are really far off on that. There are only three different loops in this song... But hey, whatevs.

Ah... Well I hear more loops in here /: The fact that you are using loops is okay! (I'm not sure if it is on Newgrounds) I used to use loops on Newgrounds just like you are (but then my songs got removed lol)
If you want to get better at mixing and mastering, you should use loops. But the more important thing is sound design, like I said before :P This song just plainly uses too many loops at the drop, The only non loop I hear is the piano. Not trying to be an annoying lil' butt, but just pointing out what I did before ;)

Have a wonderful day,


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Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2016
5:00 PM EDT
File Info
4.3 MB
3 min 9 sec

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