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Cover art designed by Hello the Terrarian! Check out her other artwork here: http://hello-the-terrarian.deviantart.com/

Dreamscape is a project I've been working on for the past eight months, and I'm very proud to release it as a pre-order. It feels really good. This EP represents everything I've worked up to since my first track, A Little About Nothing. I hope you enjoy Sun & Moon as the pre-order track! You can get Sun & Moon and the pre-order exclusive tracks right now by pre-ordering the EP! It's only $5. https://evilgrapezmusic.bandcamp.com/album/dreamscape

Sun & Moon is probably one of my favorite songs I've ever written. I love the melody! Originally, I was planning on getting vocals for this track, but in the end I decided not to. I hope you enjoy!


The song got really cool with those drums. I was hoping for a Kingdom Hearts song! You even have this awesome chorus for it later! I want to see you made a Kingdom Hearts song sometime.

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Evilgrapez responds:

Great idea! I'm always up for remixes.

really great !

Evilgrapez responds:


Hey, look, I haven't died and stopped making reviews!

First off, I absolutely love the pianos in the beginning. It's incredibly relaxing and just so amazing.

The drums at 0:22 are something I normally wouldn't associate with a relaxing piano piece, but you took it and made it work incredibly well, so props to you for that!

The bass instrument at 1:09 just doesn't fit with the song. It gives off a monotonous, droning feeling and I think a different instrument would have worked much better.

The transition at 1:32 is kinda sudden, but the atmosphere of the part is here is absolutely amazing, although the drum volume probably should be lower than what it is.

The bass instrument at 1:58 is the same one as before, but it sounds much better. I don't know why, but clearly you did something right.

Again, amazing atmosphere at 2:53. You really need to do more songs with this kind of tone!

The instrument at 3:16 is the same as the last 2 times, yet it sounds monotonous and droning again. Maybe it depends on what instruments it's paired with.

I love the little jingle at 3:45, gives the song a bit of extra flair and diversity.

The key changes at 4:14 and 4:26 feel underwhelming, and I think I know why. The key changes sort of give the tone that they're building up to something, and the same old slow drums throughout every key change sort of kills that mood.

And again with that one instrument. It sounds good at 4:59, but bad again at 5:10. I just don't know what it is about that instrument.

Anyway, this song was great to listen to. The electronic sections had a few minor issues like that one instrument and a few ear-piercingly high notes, but the ambient sections were an absolute joy.


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Evilgrapez responds:

Thanks for the review! Reading it was really nice. I might make a full song with that kind of tone sometime! The little jingle was just a minor detail I thought I'd add. I'm glad someone noticed it! Anyways, the instrument at 4:59 is a completely different one, actually. It does sound pretty similar to the one before, though. I don't know what's with it, either, really.

Thank you again!

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