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FINALLY. It took me three more months, but I have finally learned everything I need to know about music production, I know all about DAWs, sound design, music theory and last(but certainly not least) mixing. I have applied everything I have learned over the past 2 or 3 years to this song, and it came out very nice. Repetitive? Perhaps, however I finally feel like I found my musical voice. I hope you all enjoy, leave me some comments to read, I would appreciate any criticism as well, as it helps me weed out the problems... (also if someone could tell what genre this is that would be great) EDIT: Ok, so I edited the song, I removed all the unnecessary parts and shrunk it down by 2 minutes. Even then, it's still pretty repetitive, that seems to be the number one problem with my music. I gotta work on that. :P


For the genre, I guess you should put it in video game. As everyone said in earlier reviews, the lead sounds repetitive, you should've varied it a bit throughout the song. The arp sounds great! Some parts of the song sound a bit empty to me, like there should've been little atmosphere with pads. I loved the breakdown part of the song.

I'm not that good with reviews, but hope this helped you.

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PixelEaterMusic responds:

This helps a lot! It seems the inly area where my music lacks is in the music theory area, making melodies and bass and all that. Once i get better at that Ill be golden. And now that you mention it, it probably couldve used a more present pad sound.

This honestly is well designed and doesn't deserve a 2 star rating, it is repetitive, but as far as sound design goes it is a very well mixed and balanced track.

PixelEaterMusic responds:

This was actually my first attempt at actually using EQ plugins to mix my sounds, and it turned out pretty well, I think if I shortened it it probably would've removed the whole "repitivity" problem :)

Hmmm...I agree that it's repetitive. It might be because of not having enough melodies put into it combined with its length. Variety of sounds and compositions is a key to making a slower piece. One of my ways to keep music from being too repetitive (especially when I run out of ideas lol) is randomly changing some notes within arpeggios. I can't explain it clearly by text, but it's something like this. Not a spam, though, I assure you.


You can reuse what you did with the decay of the sine synth in the beginning too. Other than that, try adding more instruments. In this case, adding a pad could do the work. About the mastering, I'll pass because I'm listening through a pair of cheap in-ears right now. (Have monitor headphones but my place is too hot even in the morning. :S) Anyway, I feel like the kick can be louder. And I think you've used side chaining on the beckground synth in 1:37, right? It's actually not a problem, but if you want more presence of the kick without interfering others', compression only in the lows to lower-mids might do. ;)

If anything is wrong in this review. Just correct it. I know I'm not perfect. :P
Keep making more, mate. Practice makes perfect!

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PixelEaterMusic responds:

Thanks for the review! I actually wanted the kick to be less present in this song, and when I used the compression it sounded interesting so I kept it. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the mixing too, whenever you get the chance, I (mostly) know what I'm doing with sound design and music theory, but I just recently heard about mixing and I gave it a shot, if you could tell me some weak points or strong points in my mix I would be ecstatic!

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