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My entry to the NGAUC Knock-out Round.

As Trance is in my name I decided to go with trance as the genre of choice and I believe it turned out well.

As requested here is the VSTs I used:
Toxic Biohazard
Wasp XT
DSK ChoirZ

FX plugins:
If Image-line made a plugin, I probably used it.
The Interruptor, Bionic Supa Delay
Valhalla, Shimmer
Valhalla, Space Modulator
STW-Audio, Reflex Free
TBT, Samplereducer

FL studio Vocal sample "Don't stop now".
Crashes and that one reverse impact samples are all from Vengeance essential clubsounds vol 2-4.
The rest of the drums are a mix of TR909 and VEC 2-4, some of the drums are layered from both.

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Hello! So, full disclosure: I can be a bit dry and blunt in my reviewing on occasion. I don't have any ill will or anything towards you and I'm not trying to be mean, just trying to be straightforward about how I scored things. :) Oh, also, the "not-so-good" list will be far larger in volume of writing at minimum, just because I have more things to say about things that can be improved, such as how and why.

-Really nice arpeggios in the background!
-You have a really neat kick and good percussion in the beginning - it's quite fitting and does very well. Pretty rockin' bassline too.
-Very nice background fx in the breakdown at 2:40 and especially more towards 3:30-4:00.
-Excellent transition back into the melody at 4:00. I like the background pads, though I wish they were a bit more present rather than pushed back so far in the mix.
-Beautiful section at 5:10. Those plucked chords are fantastic.
-Points for bitcrushed ending.
-Excellent general composition structure all around - it has good buildups, good places to breakdown, and doesn't overstay its welcome in any particular section. This is a surprisingly difficult thing to get right, so great job here!

-The initial sound wash right at the start sounds a bit like it's clipping - could use a bit better of mastering there.
-The chopped-up vocals are cool, but they need to be de-essed or have some reining in of the high frequencies. The hissing gets a bit too loud (though I know it can be a bit hard to balance a good hissing sound with the volume).
-The distorted sound at around 0:30 is neat, but somewhat painful. This is largely due to the ringing reverb. I'd suggest turning up the diffusion so that it's less like a delay, at the very least. I might also suggest a different distorted instrument doing octave jumps instead.
-About 1:05, it really didn't need to take out the arpeggios. I think that you could have developed them a little bit more, as they fill out the lower mid end of the mix. Similarly, at this point, the mids where the distorted sound mentioned before... well, they're full. The distorted sound doesn't work very well there.
-About 1:50 is where the flaws in the percussion start showing - your kick and hats are fine, it's mainly your snares that are pretty poor in my opinion.
-Your synths also start showing their basic and lower-quality origins around 1:50. This is generally ok, but in such a fleshed-out song as this, I generally try to have a good mix of a few things: Have some simpler sounds for your basic bass and leads, but have some more complex ones for backgrounds. At the very least, let them vary a little bit more in their basic forms.
-2:40 could use a bit more than the pumping bassline in my opinion - it stays bare just a bit too long. Interestingly enough, it's also too short of a breakdown. The breakdown at 3:30 is far better, though the bassline issue comes back VERY strongly.
-I think johnfn would back me up on this one - your melody is pretty... aimless. Often it feels like it isn't going anywhere in particular, but that the notes are strung together and called a melody. Melodies need some kind of direction that they're working towards.
-Not-points for very repetitive ending.

This is honestly a pretty damn good song, all things considered. It has all of the basic elements down, but mainly fails in terms of sound quality, levelling, and some more specific compositional tweaks.

Hello PolarTrance! Nice to see you AGAIN in the (NGUAC-amole) Competition!! This is my official KNOCK-OUT round review!!!

Well first off your overall score was a 6.9! ALMOST a 7, and that was pretty good for me! I judged pretty specifically this round. Dont let that fool you. Your melodies were very good and catchy, you have a good ear for melodies, take advantage of that, OFTEN.

NOW let's break down your score!


In the Category of Clarity, I scored you a 6/10. This was due to a few things. During your climaxes, when more was going on, your snare/clap sounded non-existent to me. In trance it doesn't necessarily need to be prominent, but it does need to be there if you have it, and it needs to simply be interpreted, rather than in your face like dubstep. USUALLY. For yours, I could not hear it in peak moments, until the voices were variated and it left room for it. You should look to do some eq sidechaining or look into other techniques to make your snare/clap pop more during peak moments. It could be as simple as using a different clap/snare during these moments.
In quality, I gave you a 5/10, I scored you this because I really felt like you couldve used more lush sounds. Especially with your drums, it sounded very very very generic. Maybe that is unique of trance, but I just find it to not work. Especially with your lush layering of voices in your leads and backround sounds. Such good layering intent. Even though your ideas of layering WE'RE LUSH, they conflicted to much together, there were in the same range, and that couldve been fixed with some further attention to your sound design.
In effects I gave you a solid 8/10. Your effects were solid. Great techniques used with automation, great idea of when to use certain effects for transitions, just simply solid. They simply couldve used more umph in the mixing process sometimes! I especially loved your intro in this aspect.


You did SOLID in this category. With a complexity score of 7/10, transitions witha solid 9/10, and your form was a solid 7/10. Complexity, you had the same ideas repeated over and over just variated as to what is going on the same time in different points. I really wanted to hear you change it up, use a different chord progression for even just a second, to take the ears to another place. this just simply wasnt accomplished. Maybe that is a side effect of the genre, but it doesnt have to be!!! BUT YOUR MELODIES WERE CATCHY AF. You are a great trance composer, I just want to hear you break the genre a bit, especially in a competition!
AND FORM. Solid, typical Trance format. which you did great, great energy throughout. Again, I simply really wanted to hear you change it up. it was so constant throughout. 7 is great though, believe me!

For instrumentation, I gave you a 10/15. This was really due to once agtain, I did not like the way a lot of your voices worked together. I loved your typical trance plucks and arps and melodies, but the sound design could have been better on that melody. and the layered pads you had were also a little out there. A lot of it worked together. Your bass voice was great, but together, alot of these voices just sounded too different. It's all about synergy for me.

General Effect got a 9/15 for me. The mixing issues, with the melody being being way too much prominent for me, some of the tambours of voices just really not working for me, and it being so repetitive with i would say only two or three solid variations on the song other than just cutting everything but drums and bass out, it needed more for me. More variation.

and finally originality. a good 7/10. This was definitely a good approach on trance. A little typical though. I really wanted to see you do more, I know you can.

Please dont take any of these criticsms personally, as I am one person, with my own set of experiences, training, ears, and views. We have three judges for a reason. But rather, I would love to see you improve on these aspects, me personally, and i would most definitely want to see you again in the competition next year, lets see what you can create next year.

Keep up the music Polar!

Hey, PolarTrance! I'm dropping by to leave a review on this track.

The biggest thing I want to mention about this song is how beautiful your melodic content is! That small arp thing at 0:11 really appeals to me, and all the melodies generally sound pretty good, as opposed to those in some other entries I've heard! The rest of the composition is pretty solid as well - bass riff design, chord design, transition design, etc. Solid track, in that aspect!

Sounds could have been better, but they're good for what they are! They're chosen fairly well and were clearly crafted with the end in mind! Mixing is good, as well. Dubsyn below me commented that the mix sounds dirty, but on my headphones it sounds pretty okay.

So I'm about 3 minutes in currently, as I'm writing this paragraph, and so far I haven't quite heard any sort of coherence. There are clearly different sections, but how they relate and fit together is completely lost on me. This problem could be chalked down to repetition - each section is quite long and largely sounds the same throughout, with nothing really interesting developing or happening during the section (I mean, unless it's a build, but that's not really "interesting"). Maybe if you made sections shorter, a true coherence could begin to develop.

However, that doesn't mean the track is bad! In all, this track brings some wonderful sounds to the table - sounds which I definitely enjoy! 9/10, 5/5, good luck!

The mix is really dirty but those notes are really clean.

I dont know you never heard you before but ill be here more often awesome trance song.

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4.75 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2016
11:29 AM EDT
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