...and the Rain couldn´t save her

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My second (and last) piece for AIM 2016. It is rather simplistic this time due to the artwork. It´s just piano and string quartett this time (with some downtempo percussion). I don´t know what I thought when I made the double time part close to the end but I liked it somehow...

The track was inspired by this beautifully, abstract artwork from Fridher ( http://fridher.newgrounds.com/ ). Here is a link to the original art:


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This is beautiful, enchanting, and terrifying al at once. Dear lord i love it

May i please use it for a game im working on?

Azhthar responds:

Hey! Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. The track is CC, so feel free to use it if you give credits for non-commercial stuff. If you plan to get filthy rich and make millions with it send me a pm before ;)

Finally listening to this now, and I am blown away by the atmosphere! It's incredible.
Great use of both the piano and the string quartette. The percussion adds a lot as well; what did you use for it?

You also know how to make good use of dynamics :O
I like the simple ending too. It's good that you weren't afraid to make it too slow. Atmospherical pieces kind of lose a bit of charm if they feel rushed :)

Awesome job, dude!

Azhthar responds:

Hey! Thanks for the awesome feedback! I hope Japan was good ;)
Actually I think although the track is a bit repetitive already it wouldn´t have harmed the piece if I would have made the buildup even slower... The percussion I used was from Damage (exept these thundernoises at the beginning which was rain after granular synthesis and filtering).

I'm a sucker for Ambient tracks, I just love how the intro feels so cinematic and booming. I hear explosions in the background, as if a full-scale war is being fought between God knows what factions, with what ideologies and lives at stake. The strings are nice, maybe with a little bit of extra reverb they would have worked just fine for this track, though I understand if you probably didn't want to abuse it.
Pretty swell composition, I like it

Azhthar responds:

Hey! Thanks a lot!! It´s good to hear that the music can generate some pictures ;) I thought about more reverb, on the strings, too, but I was afraid to drown them.... I liked your submission, too! Good idea to include the vocals ;)

Wow....the opening gives me chills and I love it. the atmosphere is really great here. It reflects the picture well like...capturing the feeling of depression. I love the way it echoes, the way you mixed this, and the way the strings build. This captures powerful emotion. I also love that hihat that comes in around 2:20. It's a little offputting, but also a little jazzy. Feels a bit the same throughout except towards the end but it builds, and it's great. I feel this could've built up a little more with more strings in the background to really build the tension up and turn into something powerful, but what you have here is very nice.

Good job.

Azhthar responds:

Now that was quick ;) Glad you like it. I knew it´s a bit repitative but the picture is quite simplistic, too, and so I wanted to make it not too complex (Yeah, bad excuse I regret...). I wouldn´t actually put more strings to it, because it was just intended for a string quartett but I understand your point. An orchestral string section would sound much bigger of course...
Yep, the piece turned out to be a bit depressing but the picture was as well ;) I also wanted to make a third submission with a more western like atmosphere (which wouldn´t be so depressing), but... time... Anyway... Maybe next year... Man you really do some intense work here, reviewing all these tracks!

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Jul 24, 2016
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