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My submission for the ngauc-2016 K.O.-Round.
I know, it's short, but I just didnt have the time for a second half since I'm going on vacation tomorrow. Hope you can enjoy this nonetheless :)

Made this with FL12 native plugins, the free 'Jannick Larsen' sample pack as well as self made samples c:


This is pretty great! I always like when the track has that certain 'liquid' feeling to it

Loving that beginning, so calm and mysterious. The transition at 0:30 was way too sudden though.

The drop is good, lots of different synths filling the whole frequency spectrum! Drums are tight and powerful, but for some reason the kick feels to drown a bit. Maybe use some more sidechaining?

Also there may be a bit too much of different stuff going around at different times, it feels quite chaotic at some points, which prevent me from fully immersing myself to this.

But overall very solid track! I Would've put this under house or dance, but that's me nitpicking :P

ggaero responds:

Thank you and good luck in the final round :D

I like the atmospheric intro and synths. I think you should’ve done more to preempt the part at :30, as it came on pretty suddenly. Filtering, drum fill, sweeps, and crashes are all effective ways of doing that. That said, I enjoyed the melodies at :47. The texture is nice and full. I enjoyed the structural relief offered at 1:47, and I like how you returned to the spacey vibes of the intro. That said, I don’t think this is a structurally complete piece. I thought you needed a second buildup-drop cycle to give this piece a sense of overarching development and conclusivity. Right now, 1:47 sounds more like a breakdown than a coda to me. The mixing and mastering are generally good, although I think the clap is fighting for attention a bit at :45. Some more compression and equalizing might help. Overall, I like this piece a lot, but I think fleshing out the structure could really bring it to the next level. Keep up the good work, man. ;)


ggaero responds:

Thx alot c:

Wow! This sounds good!

The beginning is really tasty! The soundscape you've achieved creates a beautiful atmosphere which I love - every sound is designed well for its part and mixed well with regards to other sounds!

The intensity at 0:30 seems to come out of nowhere, as there's nothing leading into it, but the sound itself definitely gains an appropriate amount of energy, which I'm definitely a fan of!

The song begins to lose its flair about one and a half minutes in, though. I feel like there isn't enough sonic variation to really keep my ears interested for that long.

However, in no way is that saying the song is bad! For what it is, this piece sounds really well made and thought through - I really enjoyed this track! 9/10, 5/5, good luck!

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ggaero responds:

Thank you so much :)

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Jul 23, 2016
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