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Chael - Leap of Faith

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Author Comments

This is my NGAUC completely original progressive house submission for the Knock Out Round.

The name is appropriate as this track was just a "leap of faith".

I am proud to have completed this and I hope everyone else gives their projects all they got.

I mostly took a lot of mixing advice of one of my previous projects and implemented that here for this mix.


My Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/mike-bradley-c-music

My YouTube:


I know you probably get this a lot, but the sub bass is... it's just not there... it's just too low. And like one piano sounded out of place in a melody.
Anyway, enough of the CWC (Cringy Words of Critisism).
Mixing and mastering is great, it's very apparent throughout the song.
Build ups are nice, so is the intro, it's what I'd expect from proggressive house songs, and you're song as well. ;D
Very little I can say is bad about this song, and that's why a 4/5 m80. ;)

ChaelMusic responds:

It still helps to know everyone is on the same page. That one piano is messed up for some reason and I gotta do better subs :D

Thanks for the review :D

I can just barely hear the sub... But it's good!

ChaelMusic responds:

It's too low, that's why :/

Thanks for the feed back though! Since everyone is saying that the sub is terrible and low, I will definitely remember to work on it during my next project!

Nice beginning... it sounds like a typical song from you lol
it's catchy :P
I like this piano. Pianos are kewl 8)
Te pluk is also kewl
that background piano thats kinda eq'd out could use a little less bass... it sounds weird.
I like the build up.
Drop needs a sub bass... It's not the best of your drops.
Progression is good :D
This part kinda varies from the beginning and thats good
I like this piano part. Nice and peaceful.
Another nice buildup.
Wasn't expecting that snare pattern lol
Again drop needs sub bass.
It's a pretty good track! I can tell you mastered it well because it's pretty loud. It seems pretty generic, but there isn't much wrong with that. Mostly I'd say it could be a little bit more energetic and use more bass. Thats probably just me but whatever, I hope you take my advice as constructive xD You usually give my songs massive reviews... Idk how but I'm doing my best here :P
gud job m8.


ChaelMusic responds:

The sub is too low.. but it's there. I will work harder on the bass aspect of my tracks. The piano is sidechained, not EQd but okay.

Thanks again Z!!! Better reviews come with more experience, but you got most of the points that the track needs improvement on, so that's good.

If there's a sub bass, it is too low. If not, add one please. It sounds weird with the piano in stereo, sounds like it is off tune. Arps are pretty cool. Mastering and mixing wise it is pretty decent.
Keep it up Chael.

ChaelMusic responds:

It's probably too low. Thanks for the review!

Hey, Chael! Thought I'd drop by and leave your NGAUC piece a review.

First off, I'd like to say the mixing here is incredible! At the moment I'm not listening on headphones (because I'm sweating at the moment and don't want to ruin them), so I can't hear if anything weird is happening in the low end, but the mids and highs sound pretty good to me! I can hear most everything pretty clearly, and you've filled the spectrum of frequencies fairly well and consistently!

EDIT: Alright, I've put my headphones on, and now the drops sound a ton more impactful than they did before. Good job on your transitions and energy flow! Everything works well in one cohesive mix to produce one gesture of build-up and breakdown. This is something I personally struggle in, so good job achieving it here!

Also sweet arp at around 3:49!

So this is... progressive house? I don't listen to progressive that often, mostly because of repetition (I'll get there in a moment). So I don't really have experience in this genre to say what sounds good and what sounds bad - in fact, maybe some of the stuff I'm going to criticize in a second really couldn't have been avoided because of the genre. Welp, I'll give it a shot.

So the first thing is, as I've mentioned earlier, repetition. You've probably noticed, but this track tends to repeat the same thing over and over again. Not only are the first and second drops pretty much the same (until that sweet backing arp is added in), the piano pretty much plays through the entire piece, the chord progression never really sways away from its roots, and the sound never really takes any big leaps, besides the strings near the beginning at 0:30, but I can hardly consider that a "leap".

The melodies sound, well, average, really. That doesn't mean I hate them - they definitely have flavor, and change from time to time, but they sound a bit lazily written - they're just not quite at the level I would have liked.

Piano solo at 2:30. I have a pet peeve for robotic piano sounds in electronic music, and while this isn't that bad, it could be a bit better. Maybe more reverb and embellishments would have done the tricks. :)

Overall, this piece is good and well made, although it's not really my type. However, it's not that I hate the piece - as I said, it's really nice! The sound you achieve is definitely one that had a lot of thought put into it. 9/10, 5/5. Good luck!

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ChaelMusic responds:

It means a lot to me that you put so much effort into your reviews. Yes.. as you can see, I mainly focused on the mixing for this project because that i's what I am most consistently criticized for. Loving the pun you used for "leap" (xD) and I will try to make the melodies and I will strive for more variation as well. Thanks again for another awesome 1f1n1ty review!

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4.20 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2016
11:29 PM EDT
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6 MB
4 min 46 sec

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