AIM - Demon-human hybrid

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Shadmetal for Shadman
Inspiration from this art

This song is for Raven

Made with Sonar and Bias FX
Guitar = 6-string Jackson aka. The Green Bastard
Bass = 4-string Peavey Grind
Drums created with Session Drummer 3


I like how you played guitar with this, but you need to mix the guitar better, and have a better way to record it. I like that it reminds me of 90's Alice in Chains and 90's Deftones, and I love them. Though this file has been reduced in quality because of file compression or whatever you're using to save it with.

However, with the drums, those are pretty good somewhat, except you can't really hear the kick, it's basically nonexistant in the mix. Also, the crash cymbals....ow, way too loud at 0:47. Also 1:04 with the ride cymbal....ow..ow...ow. It hurts the ears because it's too loud, is too high in the high mids, that needs to be pulled down there, and boosted in the high end treble zone, and the volume turned down.

I feel like during the crash cymbal parts where it's basically slowing down a lot....it pulls from the song waay too much, it kills the song simply because it loses a lot of momentum and energy. You need to keep the momentum. You're pulling it back too much and too often.

Also this song is really repetitive. I like the melody starting out but overall....it's not great. 3:01, that's a riff i like and the drum work there too. I like the way the song started out but overall the mixing needs a lot of work, and you need to figure out how to save the song in a higher quality. This song is lacking the energy though it needs because of the mixing.

It reflects the picture well just...needs lots of work. I like stuff like this but, keep up the work, you'll improve over time as you learn. I suggest looking up tutorials on mixing in the programs you use and i would mostly suggest FL Studio for mixing and compression there. It's cool you recorded with guitar and bass yourself, nice playing, but i also suggest finding a way to record better quality, it's killing the guitar quality, you need something to bring out it's tone more, its quality.

Overall not bad though. Keep it up.

Meatboot responds:

Ill admit that drumtrack could have been done a lot better, my first one lol I always get a drummer that makes them instead. The cymbals slowing down, I do too much of because I can't get enough of half-times, plus you barely hear them anymore but yes i am overdoing them. I really like my metal heavy, sometimes to a crawl, one of my favorite metal bands The Acacia Strain always rocks the half-times which usually makes them breakdown to another breakdown that leads to another breakdown before a breakdown. I like breakdowns lol but if i am gonna make the drums for them I gotta be perfect which is where i flopped lol.

I thought the guitar and bass was finally the sound I was looking for compared to my past sounds and a giant part of it was the upgrade from Music Creator to Sonar. I especially noticed when i mixed down the tracks and listened to them in the car and it was better than my past songs, I was like Thank you Sonar you are the best thing ever lol. The tracks overall are very loud themselves, you got me thinking though about the program i save the tracks with. I record and mix it down with Sonar and turn it into mp3 with Audacity so maybe that might be part of the problem but then I listen to it in the car and think its fine besides the drums in this one lol.

I still double checked everything over before putting this song up and I was sure this was as good as it gets for my mixing ability. Im still quite happy with the final product, just needs to be finer tuned like you said. Im taking the all men play on ten thing a little to far lol.

Thank you for the review, after the contest I will work on these things and Re-upload this song in better quality before putting it on youtube. I cant totally let my favorite artist down, High quality art deserves High quality audio.

EDIT - Holy crap! im not sure how i said this sounded better than my old ones or even sounding good in the car. :S
Your right this needs to be fixed big time lol this was very rushed. for some reason i heard only the sounds i was aiming for not the one's I was getting lmao

I think this would fit, it has a heavy gothic feel to it. I feel all that is missing to it is maybe some chorus in the background to show she does have multiple personalities within herself. Otherwise, heavy fucking track, great shit dude. :D <3

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Jul 22, 2016
7:31 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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