Heros Legacy

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My Submission for the N G A U C Knock-out Round 2016.

Nexus (Piano / Synths), Kontakt (Symphobia Strings, 8DIO Dholls), Harmor/Harmless, Fruity 11 presets

Part of the *All Stars* group

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Hey, Enzer0! Dropping by as promised!

Right from the start of the piece, the beautiful sound I heard caught my attention! The sound was so pristine and pretty, with just the right amount of reverb and dynamics. Excellent intro for an excellent piece.

And excellent it is indeed! Just listen to those sounds! At 0:19, a moving arp sound is added, and boy does it sound pretty! Your impact going into the strings is fantastic, the strings themselves are fantastic, everything's just beautiful! 1:55 introduces some lovely bells, 2:31 introduces more developed bass drums riffs, a type of sound which I've always wanted to be able to create but have never successfully accomplished, and the climax is absolutely glorious!

Speaking of the climax, how about that progression? If this was Rhythm Heaven, your flow would be at maximum! Energy flows very well from one section to the next, and progressively builds and builds and builds AND BUILDS! Everything is done so well to accomplish this build - every sound, every melody, every... everything! It all builds to the climax at 3:47, which is absolutely gloriously achieved! It doesn't feel sudden, and it doesn't feel underwhelming - the immense sound truly gives the feel of ardor and strength! A song worthy of the word "epic"!

Oh, and those suspended chords in the outro. Perrrfect.

If the mix is muddy, it's only a little bit, and honestly, it's only the kind of mud that should be expected and glossed over from cinematic masterpieces like these! I certainly couldn't have done any better with this kind of intensity! Overall, man, fantastic work! I'm starting to run out of words to describe it XD I have no doubt that this piece with do very well! :D

Enzer0 responds:

Thanks for your kind words. Im glad you enjoyed it. I do feel it needs some cleaning up at the end. The entire piece had problems with the mid so making it punch at the end was a little difficult and i still feel it could have been better achieved. But i'm glad you had fun listening and things can only get better, so i'll kepp producing! :D

Thanks for the indepth review.

I'm not judging your group so I figured it's alright if I can give you an early review.
Loved your audition piece, and because of that and this track, you're my new favorite. I look forward to see what you come up with. For this piece, it has all the cliches of a built-up, but because of your superb production and arrangement, I just can't help but enjoy it immensely. I wish there were more of a melodic climax and conclusion along with more variation in harmony. However, this is the only thing I find lacking (for what I have only heard so far of your work), and because you do everything else so well, I am sure this won't be such a hard feat to accomplish. It's really not that big of a gap, though, to get to that point. You seem to have a good ear for a tasteful mix in production and arrangement. I'm just searching for what that voice is in you, so I can strictly identify your music and where no one can mistakenly attribute someone else to writing it. Good/fun piece nonetheless.

Enzer0 responds:

Damn great review! First off, im greally happy you enjoyed the piece. I'm happy that it's good enough for you to enjoy naturally and totally agree with you on the anticlimatic front. It could have some sort of finisher: I tried to accomplish this with something melodical and adrenaline fuelled, but no matter what i did - it just never worked.

The cliche feel is actually how I make my tracks, I like having those sort of tracks you'd hear in a screenplay/film/tv. Where it doesn't stand out too much because it's more about the atmosphere.

And to finish up, I get you on the - yet to be a theme of what makes my music me. I hope that i'll find it in time. Until then, your support is the way forward! Thank you so much.

Damn, thats awesome !

Enzer0 responds:

Thanks serponge. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

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Jul 21, 2016
1:27 PM EDT
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