Colored Sky

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made this in two days
your choice as to whether that's good or bad
made in FL studio
ending NES part made with famitracker

wish me luck in NGAUC 2016 :DDD

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This is a very lovely song. Mixing is pretty good, but after 1:30 it looses most of the bass, and it turns sort of unsatisfying. The first part of the song is so enjoyable and that second part (1:30 onward) would be too if the bass stuck around, because the composing sounds good in that second part as well.

littlelamp100 responds:

thanks for the feedback :D
mastering should improve soon because i'm planning on getting studio monitors (ATH-M50x)

I am speechless...Those slides...I just love this song. Nothing else. (Favourite part: 2:00 and the 2:30 plinging part. Now there's a word like this. It is so videogamish and so awesome.) Nice job.

Keep up the good work.

littlelamp100 responds:

thanks :D

Congrats for the top score :D

I just love the swing in this track, and how clear and especially how spaced everything is!

That electric guitar O.O it is so bright and powerful. Is it... Is it inferno? No it cant be... Damn you must tell me what you used for it. Or if it is inferno, your mixing skills are awesome! Though your mixing skills are awesome no matter the fact ;)

The NES-like ending was also genius! I would've used a little less reverb though. (quite contradictory with my name... but still). Also the transition at 1:15 could maybe use a longer break, because now it sounds kinda abrupt and rushed.

Keep it up man ^^!

littlelamp100 responds:

thanks :) still can't believe i got the top score :o
also yes it is inferno. i usually use presets lol

EDIT: oh wait now that i look at it again, it's electric 5... i use that because i can't play guitar lol

I like how you left yourself a lot of space for climax and contrast at the beginning. I enjoyed the filtering at around :10, and the part at :15 had a nice, spacey yet groovy vibe about it. I would’ve liked to see a clearer transition into :45 before that roaring melody, just to lead up to it more. The instruments here mesh really well together, though. I loved the transition into the re-intro section at 1:15, and 1:30 made the piece sound much brighter and upbeat. This piece has a great sense of melodic development. It clearly progresses to a more victorious and empowering mood by the end of the piece, with the melodies at 2:00 serving serving as an excellent manifestation of that mood. I thought you shouldn’t have introduced a new instrument 30 seconds from the end of the piece, though (2:30). The spaciness of the outro was awesome, but it’s usually a good idea to aim for coherence with an instrument in the intro or breakdown as a coda instead of varying the piece further. I think the mixing and mastering are both really solid. I can hear all the instruments clearly throughout, and the drums are super crisp and up-front in the mix. I might interject that the chord progression is a little generic, and while I see a lot of upbeat EDM in this competition and around NG, I like this piece a lot overall. The race to get into the Final Round is going to be really tight, but if it were solely up to me you’d be there in a heartbeat. Keep up the good work, man. ;D


littlelamp100 responds:

thanks for the feedback :) can't wait for to see the final round results once i finish :D

First of all, the mixing is spot-on. All of the tracks sound exactly how they should (especially dat lead synth). The small transitions you have before each segment are expertly placed and make every segment much more impactful when they start. The outro is very conclusive and creative, even utilizing some NES samples which is really interesting. Love this piece and I wish you luck in this contest! :D

littlelamp100 responds:

thanks :D

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Jul 18, 2016
10:55 PM EDT
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