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Into the Wild

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I made this in a peculiar manner. I started with a few notes, made a baseline, and the rest of the song fell into place. I added all the rain forest, bongo sounds and shit later, because I was thinking about Stonebank songs. So, if the melody gives off a Stonebank vibe, I understand since I thought so too.

Sidnenote: I definitely recommend listening to Stonebank, he is one of my all time favourite music producers.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy this. I know it's a little bit short, but I personally think this is one of my better pieces. All feedback is appreciated.

As always, thanks for listening, and Cheers c:

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After listening to everything and getting spammed to leave a review. I have chosen this as my favorite song of yours, brando. It's calm and smooth, and the title describes the song perfectly. If I was walking through a jungle or the wilderness in a video game, this is the music I would expect. When I hear the song I think grassy and green. The ending could be some sort of cool encounter. It's brilliant. The ending might be too much for some, but I think it gives the song that dank drop it needs and compliments it quite nicely. This song specifically sounds like something you would hear in a triple A video game!. I'm not saying this just cause you're my friend. I'm being completely unbiased. So I can say I don't really like a small portion of your other stuff. But that's just personal preference, they're still good and enjoyable to some one else. If I were to make a suggestion I would say that I, personally, dont like downtime or blank spots in my dubstep or music in general. It's hard to explain but, I like there to be something always happening in the beat or melody. Probably makes sense to you as you're a creator. Anyways, I'll talk to you soon. Phone outta service. Msg me on skype, gimme a reply here. This was an unbiased comment btw.

GREAT SHIT MY DUDE, really like this beat, I can see where you started! It started calm, and built up very nicely. If your OK with this, Totally crazy Idea, but may I use your music in my vids and stream?
Here is my stream ---> https://www.twitch.tv/mastill1/profile
And you can contact me here as well ------> http://prorp.net/index.php?/profile/1326-lincoln-payne

MollusK-Music responds:

Apologies for the really late fucking response, but yeah, you can totally use this however you want. It's not a problem with me; cuz I am 100%, totally okay with it.

It'd be a nice gesture if you were to include my links n shit, but that's up to you.

There are some good things going on in this one.

The melody and baseline didn't have the same kind of driving motion forward in some cliché chord progression like I see everyone (including myself) using nowadays until the drop, which was refreshing; then again, I don't have any problem with that kind of directness, so it was fine when you firmly established the chords at the drop. (I know the progression didn't change, but it felt clearer.)

Personally, I wasn't super crazy about the drop in general. Don't get me wrong, it was fine— better than I could do— but it wasn't perfect. There was almost no buildup, so it sorta dropped from the sky for me. I also think the kick should have been more prominent, and just flat out louder. Maybe you could... highpass the... EQ some... okay, I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. I'm sure you can figure it out. Amazing sound design though, as usual.

I felt like the intro went a bit too long without any melody or baseline or anything, and I really, really wish you hadn't thrown in that one last dubstep growl at the end, but those are minor issues, and sort of subjective anyway.

Anyway, keep up the good work, I can feel the improvement!
Cheers c:

MollusK-Music responds:

Honestly, I sort of knew before posting this that what was said would have been said by someone. Best to address everything now.

About the out-of-nowhere drop: It was an intention based off of the song's somewhat jungle-like theme. I wanted to do something that disrupted the peace and the melody and introduced a sort of high-octane sense of danger and intensity. Akin to a lion attack if you will. You never really expect it, then... bam! Fuck's your shit up!

About the kick: Through my speakers it sounds quite loud, even driving through the mix. But, upon further reflection; that was due to the fact that the kick, contrary to my orignal EQ, was bringing out lots of mids and lows. This most likely changed upon an EQ revision when I thought that the kick was rather... papery, if you will.

About the sound design: Thanks c:

About the intro: Sort of agree, also a bit intentional, however. Again, pertaining to a jungle-like atmosphere; I wanted rhythm to rule over the land (if you don't mind the ridiculous wording of that) and melody to be a little whisper bringing the song onward and allowing it to change.

About the closing growl: I've actually been doing that a lot in tracks. I knew in that back of my mind that it wouldn't be too well received. But, my logic was that I needed something to sort of sign off on a track and make it known that I made it. Also, I wanted something like the VR growlified lionsgate lion. Since I am shit at making things sound like animals, I got lazy and just added another bit of bass. You can hassle me for being lazy... cuz I admit to that in full.

Hey, at least I did something a little unique though. I'm glad to hear that you liked (more or less) it.
Cheers c:

(sorry for any spelling/grammatical errors, running low on sleep and too lazy to check again)

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Jul 15, 2016
3:26 PM EDT
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