(AIM) Pianore - Star Dance

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Since I am not as good as I think at producing dubstep, I tried a house track for the first time of my life. I kept my chillout style after the drop.

Inspired by: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/doublemaximus/landscape-commission?context=ratings:etm.search:landscape.offset:63

Used synthesizers:
- Sytrus
- Razor
- 3xOsc
- Plucked!
- Fruity DX10
- Wasp XT

Used FX
- Effector
- Fruity Reeverb 2
- Fruity Parametrics 2
- Maximus
- Fruity Limiter
- Fruity Delay 2
- Wave Candy
- Edison

Took me about 20 hours



A.I.M Judging Review
Instantly loved the sound of the piano. Long time since I've heard such a sweet piano sound :).
Really dig the melodies in this. The mixing is done very well, though the claps and kick needs some more hi-end. The umph that is lacking from the song comes from the lack of hi-end in the kick, not low-end. Pretty obvious to hear that you are a dubstep producer on the way you mix the kicks and snares, but in house, snares are usually more hi-pitched and kicks shine a bit more through the hi-end. Other than that I really liked this actually.
Very good for your first house track, and simply a great chillout track regardless.

so calm, yet very exciting! i love it, great job! :DD

PianoreGD responds:

ㅋㅋthanks mate

Just as the art piece shows, this is vivid, colorful. Definitely reflects that well. This is a fun piece to listen to. This is your first house piece eh? Nice job.. I would've added more high end treble to the claps in the mix, but everything else was mixed really well. But I don't know about the snare that comes in, i wouldve used a hihat loop or more with hihats, it is missing from the song, has that empty space in it. But other than that, this is a beautiful piece. The drums need work and you need to blend them better with the song with better mixing and more action, some hihat action going on.

But for your first attempt at house, this is pretty amazing, I love the atmospheric pad synths especially. You really reflected the atmosphere of the artwork here beautifully, i love the dynamics of this song, the automation, it's all lovely. I also wouldve made some of the synths brighter to make the song more "in your face". But this is pretty awesome.

The synthwork is great, just need to work on your drums, needs more kick too, bring up the low end on that more.

PianoreGD responds:

Oh my, thanks for the review! Yes percussion is my weak point at making music. My mastering is also horrible... The unmastered version was too "treble" so I took off too much hi of the song...

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Jul 14, 2016
1:31 AM EDT
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