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AIM - Preludio Alla Waltz and Capriccio Fantasioso in F Minor

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Author Comments

Link to the Image: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/xephio/daily-imagination-209-between-the-hills?context=ratings:etm.offset:300

Well, this song took me a while to finish: some weeks on composition and 14 hours on mixing. But in the end it turned out as i wanted it to be, so hurray! :D

So first i will explain the technical details about the song and then i'm gonna go into the art-related detail.
The tonality, as you've probably guessed by the title, is F Minor, which i've found to be very good for medieval-like songs, Liszt's Totentanz as an example. I used Guitar Pro 5 to put everything together (notes, instruments, time signatures, etc) on the MIDI file, and then i used FL Studio 11 to mix everything (dynamics, equalization, etc). And instead of using VSTs, i used solely soundfonts, because, well, i do not have much money. :P And they have a decent sound quality imo.

The song is divided on two movements, one being the "Preludio Alla Waltz" (because of it's 3/4 time signature and dance-form structure) and the other being the "Capriccio Fantasioso" (because of, well, being like Caprices and Fantasias), in which the time signature changes to 2/4.

Mvt.1 (Andante Majestoso): 00:00 - 01:48/Mvt.2 (Andante Moderato): 01:48 - 03:28

Also, there is a main theme to the song, which is then repeated troughout the song in form of variations. Try to find it! :P
Now moving on to the art-related details. When i first glanced this artwork, i knew i would need to do a classical piece for it, i just needed to know how it should be. After some time, i thought of a story for it and the song would "narrate" it through it's feelings.
The story is as it follows:


A.I.M Judging Review
Initially I liked the strings at the beggining. They have a very warm sound. When the other instruments come in however, all the instruments starts fighting for that low mid-section, which ends up sounding very messy. The lead instrument(I want to call it a violin, but I've never been good with these stuff)

To be honest I felt like this track was a bit too chaotic, and at times I don't get what's going on at all. The part at 1:40 when all the instruments disappear kinda deducted from the flow of the track. Liked the melody at 1:48, but felt like it was introduced a bit too sudden without a proper introduction. Actually really like the violin work from 1:48 and out.
I would say that the main problem with this is the mixing. The structure is wierd, but I don't dislike it.

The beginning strings need to be turned down in the low mid area at first, but later on they sound ok. I would increase the other elements like the piano hits in the beginning and the drum hits, because the strings over power them, not so balanced. The piano sounds too nasally (too much in the mids, or needs more brightness, more high end) and clips some due to being too loud, so this needs some tweaking with the mix, but other than, it's pretty good.

It starts off ok, but I have mixed feelings about the structure as this song is kinda all over the place, but it sorta works, sorta doesn't. But overall, besides the mixing issues, this is actually pretty good now that im listening more into it. But the fade at 1:30 is a bit too dramatic and dragged out too long, i wouldn't have done that.

But, when it comes back in, thats a nice melody. I don't like the fast notes of the violin though, that is a bit strainful to listen too and clashes with the rest of the song in my opinion, it's too much. But other than that, this is an alright song, has potential to be better.

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spectronoid97 responds:

Thanks for the review!

About some of the mixing, i've noticed i've kinda fucked it up, yeah. Could have spend some more time on it, but my anxiety to see other people listen to it made me think it was okay at the time.

About the song structure, thanks for liking it, and the fact that it is a little "all over the place" is to have the fantasia structure of improvisation-like motifs. And about the fade on 1:30, i personally think it sounds good, but that's from person to person.

And about the second movement, yeah it's my favorite part of the song too, along with the opening melody and it's pizzicato polyrhythms. On the violin fast passages on there, well, i actually thought it fits, to give it a more "baroque-virtuoso" feeling, which was what i was aiming for, but again, that's from person to person. And thanks overall, i know it could have been better, at least now i know.

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4.00 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2016
2:12 PM EDT
File Info
7.9 MB
3 min 29 sec

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