Acceleration (ROBOT DAY 2016)

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robot day 2016. also part of a new wip ep :)


this is very well done.

Well done. Reminds me a lot of Mega Man, just far more modern. That said, considering the setting of the game, you totally nailed your theme. It's not a genre I really listen to a whole lot, but I can't say there's anything I find wrong with it.

Also, MinatoArisato's name is a reference to the main character in a game called Persona 3.

The more you know.

I really love the buildup with the supersaw chords and the square-ish synth. I also really like the future/deep house drop. However, I don’t really think they fit together. The second drop, at 1:30, actually fits the track really good in combination with your buildups! Try to get a better transition between the different parts of your track.

Love it, keep up the good work Mr N64.

MrSmash64 responds:

thx ihavenoideaifyournameisrealorsomeanimerefrenceidonotknoworsomethinelse

Hey, MrSmash! R4R time

+ Sound design is superb! Each synth sounds appropriately created for its part, and vice versa.
+ Super well EQ'd piano at 2:05; cool effects, too! And very well done on the following key change.
+ The drums are designed really well! They sound awesome and they're mixed well, to boot.
+ The drop at 0:45 sounds novel and unique despite what it tries to achieve. Good job!

- At 0:19, some of the harmonies of this chord feel off. It sounds like an Eb7 chord when my ears would have preferred to hear just an Eb, since Eb7 doesn't really lead into Db the same way that Eb does. But my ears might be wrong with the chords here. Regardless, it doesn't sound quite right.
- The piece kind of lacks originality, in my opinion. Not that the song is bland or repetitive or anything, but the particular sound you achieved isn't quite at the originality level I would have liked to hear, especially when it's robot day.
- The ending is really abrupt. I would have enjoyed a little ending to really finish out the piece with a solid conclusion.

Sorry if it sounds like I dislike your piece... I tend to find more things to criticize rather than praise when writing up reviews like these, so please don't get the wrong idea! :D Good job!

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MrSmash64 responds:

Thx for the advice. I love when i get criticism like this. it actually helps me improve.

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