Spincer is a Rollerino (4chan songthread)

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We went a little deeper with some production on this songthread - we started a thread on /b/ and asked anons to post whatever they wanted and we would toss that into the track, with the exception of some re-writes (to accommodate into song-format). Dubs got the chorus, and Trips got to name the song, like all of our other songthreads. We captured the thread in the video below.

Music Video HERE:

-Ned Flanders-ish intro-
Friday night, and we're back on the four chan
analog and anon fuckin' the floorplan
if you wanna post, then you might as well do it -
put your pictures in the song, and the words?
screw it
some dumb fuckers re-roll for dubs, some let threads die,
all are fluffy chumps
where's the pisser in this dungeon? I gotta take a leak
fok a botch big bald baby Shrek lickin' feetz
Keep this shit alive
Rollerino thread not die
Sausage sodomize
The evilest terrorist guy
Stop lickin' my ass
Where the fuck my shoes be at?
The grandest fuckin' grand-ass-dad
Rollin' quad-dubs on these mothafugginfegs, yeah
rubbadub dub, when I'm checkin' these scrubs
captain Jack don't give a fuck because
we haven't gone far enough, we gotta go deeper,
put your rum into your ass, betchya Trump does it cheaper.
peppa pig porn, and I'm fappin' to that...
"traps are mad gay and that's a fact"
my autism's awe-see's 'em laughin' at me
I fuckin' love paper and orgasmi!
I bought a furry OC from Deviant Art, fingered my flesh...inside out
donut penis hole rolled and took my hand,
the GET we deserve is the GET we demand!
cuckening yesterday, fappening now
hail the UK and the cream is sour
everybody gettin' dubs, things are out of control
nobody checks your dubs,
well that's cause you're an asshole

Made within 3 hours (including music video), like all of our other songthreads. Care to give us a challenge or leave us a comment? Please, feel free! :)


In my opinion, that was a really good thread. One of the best I've seen. I like how you managed to put together the cluster of posts together into a coherent song.

TL;DR, good on you, Analog. You did well.

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AnalogByNature responds:

thank you & we love you.
we took a bit longer than expected with this one, a little into 3 hours - but yeah, they keep getting tighter, more complicated the further we go. It's quite fun for us to put these together

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