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Desert Overworld Part 2 - An Oasis with a Water Slide

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This is an extended version of my previous tune, Desert Overworld. It now takes quite a sad, then immediately jolly turn in the middle.

Imagine walking in a desert. Now imagine running out of water and being all, "FUCK, I've run out of water". Now imagine finding, like, a shady tree to sit under and just die 'cause you've lost all hope and everything's shit. Okay, now look up and WHAAAAAAT?! It's an oasis with a water park built on it! And a branch of KFC!

And there you have it - my audition for the NGAUC.

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I like the melodies towards the beginning. You may have overdone the panning a bit there, though, and by :10 I think the melodies are a bit too jumpy (as opposed to stepwise). I like the beat at :21 and the cute mood. I’m not really sure why you simplified the texture so much at :38 so suddenly, though. It doesn’t really help create any sort of structural or dynamic contrast. You have a couple more transitions (1:38, for example) that could’ve been much smoother. I’m enjoying the melodic nature of this piece, although perhaps you should be careful about creating too many disparate melodies and instead focus on developing one or two melodic themes. That said, I thought 1:51 served to offer some structural contrast really well, and you transitioned well back into the more energetic section of 2:20. Overall, the texture of this piece is a bit bare. Perhaps you could’ve used some more pads or other less mobile content to keep the piece grounded a bit more. Between 2:20 and the end of the piece, in fact, it seems like you bounce from one melody to the next without any sense of direction. You needed to give this piece a sense of coherence and overarching climax by creating a clear refrain in which to develop your earlier melodies. And then the fade-out ending came across as lazy and inconclusive. You’ve clearly displayed your ability to craft beautiful melodies here, but now I want you to focus on simplifying the melodic content of your piece while adding more depth to the texture and more phrasing and progression. The mixing and mastering is pretty good. You did use panning creatively during the piece, although perhaps you could’ve brought certain instruments out more, such as the arpeggios that pop in at 1:21. Overall, pretty solid work. Some more compositional considerations, and this would be a top-tier piece. Keep at it, man. ;)


Nice chipune track! I loved the melodies ;)
What VST you used in this submission?

Yahtzei responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :D I use GuitarPro 5 to write the music and export that as a MIDI file. I then open that up in GXSCC. GuitarPro, as you might expect, is actually guitar tablature software, but as most of my songs start as little guitar jams which I record onto my phone, being able to directly input the TAB is useful.

I really should learn to use some different software, though. GuitarPro isn't designed for producing music, so it can be pretty rubbish. The upside to its simplicity, however, is that I can start and finish a song in one afternoon if I concentrate.

Aww yeah! I'd be very surprised if you somehow didn't make it in with this. It's multi-layered, has some great melodies and moods, and as usual stays very true to the chiptune and videogame style :D

It'd be interesting if you at some point happen to get johnfn as a judge. I have no idea if he'll be biased, or extra harsh on you because of his own style :'D

Either way, I look forward to seeing what else you have in store for us in the coming rounds ;)

Yahtzei responds:

Thank you so much, LSD! :D fingers crossed! ^^

By the way, I've been looking through some of your previous stuff, and your composition 'A Dance with a Shadow' is incredible. That style of solo piano is amazing and fits your sister's story perfectly. My girlfriend and I just sat and watched in awe last night at your YouTube video of you playing it.

Anyway, thanks again and best of luck to you in the competition and in general :)

I love the song as much as the description! It's a great song!

Yahtzei responds:

And I love this comment! :D It's a great comment!

Thanks ^^

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Jul 7, 2016
9:35 AM EDT
Video Game
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