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This song took a lot of tweaking with Vocoder and compression. The most interesting part was messing with Vanguards Keytracking. Another progressive melody song like deadmau5.

Edit: Redid the intro a bit and more stuff #2


=== This is an NGAUC Audition Round Review ===

Ooh, a long and ambitious techno piece! I'm always a big fan of the sort of piece that has a long arc to it, and I am also a big fan of the sound of your plucks - they sound really neat. However, the problem with the long piece is that it can very easily come off as repetitive unless you are very careful. In this case, this piece does unfortunately come off as repetitive. It needs more variation throughout the buildup. The melodies also come off as a bit random; I have to think that the song would be better if the melodies had a bit more of a direction behind them.

Mini-scores (See http://johnfn.newgrounds.com/news/post/936953 for what this means and how to improve)
Mixing: 3/4
Arrangement: 1+/4
Composition: 2/4
Overall (this is not an average): 5/10

poipoi responds:

I was in a bit of a rush for this one. There were some weird transitions with the rimshots and drums. Changed the lead as well. Had to change the speed of the arper because it actually ignores notes based on the speed, too slow and it misses notes. However I think there was good composition if not for my mixing (I just had to use Vocoder and String Theory didn't I!) and transitions.

Good use of arps. Very appropriate title with the build throughout. Nice work.

poipoi responds:

Thanks, if you like arps you should check out my song Twisted in Knots. The length of the notes here were a little messed up in the intro so I fixed that. Unfortunately I run into some poisoning the well glitches so to speak when my whole song is arps.

Pretty good. Really good use of stereo. I'm definitely picking up deadmau5 vibes.

poipoi responds:

Thanks. I was wondering about changing the drum in the first minute to a snare and having that go on the right but that proved to be way too much panning. If you want you can check out my song changing waters and try to get through it hehe.

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Jul 4, 2016
8:42 PM EDT
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