Ghost Slayer [DUBSTEP]

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Jul 4, 2016 | 8:36 PM EDT
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Rated 3.37 / 5 stars
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Electronic - Dubstep

Author Comments

So yeah I'm back to dubstep. What do you think of this track ? I really want you gus to be honest and say me everything that must be said, don't worry about being mean or whatever, but please COMMENT !



Rated 4 / 5 stars

What is that bubble/rising sounding sample at 0:50-0:54? I recognize it from the beginning of this song, but just in a different pitch. this:

It's got some catchy feeling but still needs work on the mixing.

Anitrik responds:

Yes it looks the same ! That sample comes in the Vengeance Essential Dubstep pack, well I found it here at least. It's called Uplifter 11 if you download the pack ;)

Thank you for your advice ! ^^


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow! This is absolutly massive!! Please finish this! I love the voice and sound samples. I just think the thunder at the intro is to loud. Also, if you finish this, definitly make the drop longer. I have nothing really negative to say. Awesome work! (What synths do you use for the dubstep sounds?)

Anitrik responds:

Thank you Gravidi ! Well this track may be finished so don't worry, and the thunder removed. I used Massive to make my dubstep sounds, I took a growl preset and modified it. Actually I used more synths that are a bit hidden like for example just when the drop start there is a Sakura ( yes no kidding ), a 3Ă—OSC and a Sytrus playing at the same time so as to create a "deep effect", don't really know how to call this aha. But the core of the beat is made by Massive ;)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

DIN! (at the end) Sounds like this is a cut from a larger project. Let me get a bit more serious:
I think that thunder sample in the beginning is a bit too much. It's quality is low compared to the rest of the song, and it's quite cheesy. After that you build up an amazing ambience untill 00:12. I loved the combination of those background synths and samples! Then there is a very loud voice trying to be creepy. Ok, his voice is low and everything, but I think you could do some more post processing to give him a ghost-ish voice (like putting reverb on it!). Also the lyrics are too much for the drop. You'd expect something heavier. The drop is neat, but its neatness can be ruined by the build up. I actually expected the drop at 00:27. I'll go in a bit more detail on some separate things.

HARMONICS: I think I heard like 2 different chords. That may get annoying over the long run. The melody was good, and everything was in tune. I'm not so sure about that 00:31 plucky pre-drop melody. It's too happy for such a serious drop.

DRUMS: The quality of your samples is great, but I think you're able to get more out of them. The kick needs a bit more punch, and the snare has too much of its highs. I'd have sidechained bass more by the kick and snare, but that's my thing, and it may not be yours. The drum patterns are standard, but ok. They could do with some more variation. Also I hear a ride, but no hi-hats. They might let you give a rhythmical vibe to the song.

DROP: I hear a short 2-4 bar piece being repeated with great variation. The drop arrangement is fab! The synths sound very familiar though. I may be wrong, but they sound like frequently used presets. Also they sound a bit lifeless. More bass, better stereo imaging, and compression can do the trick.

MIXING: The levels of some synths are too loud. The drums get overpowered by the bass at 00:15, and the vocals are too loud for example. I'm not an expert at mixing, so I won't get into the EQ, and compression side of things (you're way better at that than me). Something that bothered me a bit though, was the stereo imaging. Your transition samples are too stereo compared to your synths.

MASTERING: I can hear some wrong-time-variable-and-harsh-compression-combination at 0:49. I don't know if that's due to a compressor in the master, or elsewhere, but it's an artefact.

Don't think I hated the song. I'm in nit-picker-mode to help you improve. It's definitely enjoyable and worth more than the rating it currently has (which I think is this low due to it being not a complete song). I hope this will help you improve!

Have a smashing day!

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Anitrik responds:

Wow thank you so much for this huge comment ! You're right on almost everthing you say ^^ This song was made as a "test", because when I hear it I can feel that something lacks, but I can't guess what it is and I struggle to improve it. I really love to have comments like this that because when I read it everything seems so simple and so obvious !

I have never worked on vocals and it's one of the first ( or maybe the first ) song that has vocals in it. I have to learn how to change the voice tone/aspect and so much stuff like that and I was surprised that nobody told me that my vocals are pretty poor before you. I was not sure about that storm/thunder sample too but I agree that it's not very neat. I took it from and never had an idea of how to start the song in an other way. I'll think about it seriously ^^
About drums, I really appreciated your comment because it is one of the part I master the less, I mean I don't really spend much time on it as I don't really know how to make them great like in most Dubstep songs. But you gave a couple of great ideas, thanks for that !
About the drop you're right too, I took a growl preset that I modified so it sounds like I want, but maybe I made it too much like a common and overused growl.
And about that sound at 0:49, wow, I didn't even heard that before publishing the song aha ! Of course it doesn't fit, it's actually a sample, but I let it here by mistake, thanks you for that too !

And yes, this is just a preview of a bigger project and there is a lot of cool stuff/drop variations after that still need some work.

Thank you so much about your comment again, and you can be sure it'll make me have a smashing day aha ;)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good! The vocal things in the drop were kind of awkward though.

Anitrik responds:

Thank you for your comment ! I'm glad that someone noticed that because I was not very sure if it was good thing to add to a drop or just awkard. It will be changed in the next version ;)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Think you went a bit overboard on the vocals and separated it with more time in between. But you seem to know how to make dubstep. Also, not to be overdue this but there was a shrill sound in the second half.

Anitrik responds:

Thank you for your advice ! I may finish the song then ^^ I wanted to make some suspens before the drop, like if it was a screamer. I will probably change every vocals.