Deceiving Death

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I'm back with another track! This time it's an up tempo dubstep or down tempo DnB/drumstep song.

Apart from the drum samples, every sound is designed by me. I challenged myself not to use any presets, so I had an incredible hard time making this, since I'm still fairly new to music production, and this is my first bass heavy track. I think I did a good job at this one, but I'm open to any criticism! I learned tons and tons of things, but I want to know if I executed my knowledge well :P

This song is my musical interpretation of the tale of Sisyphos, a king, who deceived the gods, of whom Death in particular. It’s mixed with the translations of some delusions I had of being chased, and the song is supposed to "tell a story about that".
As always, let me know what my music makes you think of! And enjoy!

Stats:A 152 BPM track in D# minor made in 28 hours in FL Studio 12 using only Harmor and Sytrus

Here is a picture of the project: http://blastbeats.newgrounds.com/news/post/964442

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The "lotsofstuffhappening" is very well placed. There is a lot going on in this song, which isn't bad if you do it correctly, which you totally did. I'll get more in depth.

You have a nice melody to begin with, although it does sound a bit chaotic at first, the ear gets accustomed fast. It flows well and no notes get above each other in an annoying way.

You have a very solid kick and snare. The hi-hat is barely audible at some points so watch out for that. Although it's not the center of the drums, it's always nice to hear it.

Your dubstep is good even if a bit short. For a track labeled dubstep it seems to not have so much of it. Perhaps its just me.

Last point, it's impressive how you obtained such a variety of sounds with naught but 2 plugins.

So overall, it's pretty good! Maybe work on ordering stuff early on so it doesn't confuse but other than that, I have nothing.

Cheers ^-^

BlastBeats responds:

Lots of stuff with little synths. Having multiple synths makes no sense if you can do the same things with them. I want to know sound design before I get into the whole "this synth can do what others can't".

Good point you have there with the hi hats. I tend to focus so much on the bass that the highs get neglected a bit. Hence my mix is rather unusually stuffed as well.

In what genre do you place a track, which doesn't fit into a genre? I mean, it is mainly DnB, but also not, because 152bpm is too slow for DnB. It is Drumstep, but also not, because it's not half time. It's dubstep, but only for a short time. I went for Dubstep, because it's close to Drumstep. I didn't want to dissappoint the DnB listeners who suddenly got bass madness in their face.

Yeah... I need to order my stuff. But I'm lazy :D. I found 28 hours of work taking too long already. *says the guy who made his first song this year in 3 hours*

Anyway, thanks for the review. It's useful and I appreciate that! Glad you like it :D

=== This is an NGAUC Audition Round Review ===

I can tell you spent a lot of time making sure you got this song right. It’s pretty well constructed! The melody is kinda neat - I like the slides on the notes. I also have to say the drop into the dubstep section was both unexpected (I thought you had used up all your ideas!) and really refreshing. My big problems with this song are that it is a little too repetitive/long, and the mixing is rather aggressively full (though that’s more of a manner of taste). 

Mini-scores (See http://johnfn.newgrounds.com/news/post/936953 for what this means and how to improve)
Mixing: 3/4
Arrangement: 2/4
Composition: 2+/4
Overall (this is not an average): 7/10

BlastBeats responds:

I'm so happy to read all this. Thanks for those compliments! I might keep repeating myself here, but I'm fairly new to music, and I have to learn a lot to make decent songs. I didn't want to go all out on variation, because I'd mess up due to lack of experience. I like my mix to be thick and full. Although, I hate and like it at the same time. I'll take all of this into account whilst making the KO-round track. And again, thank you ever so much for this useful review!

Finally listened to this and wow this is great. I loved the drums and how they were laid out. In fact I was listening to them more than the melody lol. In all seriousness the mixing was pretty good, with this being the third track of yours I've heard it's the best one yet. The drop part was also nice. Although I love hardcore dubstep this is a simple form of a drop which is way better than I could do. The only problem is the riser was quite quick, other than that it's a well put together track.

BlastBeats responds:

Gotta live up to my name with those drums :P. The drop is quite simple indeed. I didn't want to go too far in experimenting. I tend to ruin my tracks that way. However, I think I could do better next time. Thanks for the compliment, and I'm glad you liked it!


Really like this style! lot of stuff happening, and i like that.
As long as its not to much going on there is new things that you can focus on every time you hear the track.

love the punch on the kick and the snare!

keep it up!

Be sure to look up my latest track aswell ^^


BlastBeats responds:

This comment makes me feel good. Thanks a lot! I'll check it out

This is really good. I like the tune of it. I didn't like the dubstep, but that's probably just because I don't like dubstep.

BlastBeats responds:

Thanks for the one line R4R review

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