AIM - Chaotic Fight

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So here's my first entry for the Art-Inspired music contest. I'm not really good at mixing and stuff like that, I just do what sounds good to me.

Inspired from this incredible artwork by Kamikaye: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kamikaye/robotarmy-vs-samuraicyborgs

Made in FL Studio 12 [Demo].

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A.I.M Judging Review
An instant good and powerful beginning, which I can always dig. As has been mentioned several times before, the general sound quality of your instruments are really poor.The sound leveling and mixing is all over the place, and the instruments intertwine with eachother quite a lot. The Fl slayer guitar is really bad, as Fl slayer is always a bad idea.
The song itself is actually pretty good imo. The melodies are great, the arrangement is creative and varied and you build tension in a good way. The piano melody at 2:47 was kinda bland and uninteresting though.
The drum progression are kinda uncreative and samey. I would have switched them up a bit too keep up the interest.
The length didn't really bother me that much. Sure you repeat the same melody and patterns a couple of times, but I feel like that degree of repetition is ok in a track like this.

The biggest problem with this track lies with the instrument quality. If not for that I probably would have given you a higher score, but as of now, it deducts from the overall production.

TheEvilDevil responds:

Thanks for the review. I should've known not to use FL Slayer since it sounded bad, but sadly I didn't find any other instrument that would've been an alternate to the guitar :(

This is one of these tracks where I don't really know what to say. There's a lot of issues - including repetitiveness, a problematic sound quality and/or mixing for some instruments (the short string notes for example), but on the other hand there's still enough things to make this track enjoyable. FL Slayer didn't bother me that much, maybe because it was more in the background - actually, the kick and snare seemed to be more out of place IMO.
I feel the levels are pretty well balanced though, there is some good ideas in terms of composition, and it reminds me a bit of Phrynna's Epic Battle Fantasy Soundtrack in some way.
While this track is maybe not flawless, it's still enjoyable and shows some potential. I could easily hear it in a flash game here at Newgrounds as a battle theme. Just remove the parts that repeat themselves too much, throw in some more ideas and variation, make it loopable, and you'll probably hear it a lot in flash games. :p

Well....it starts off well, but...then steadily declines.

In the beginning, the percussion is good, well mixed, but the strings need a little work on the mixing, but mostly good, just needs some reverb, its too dry, no atmosphere. The snare needs a little reverb too. When the beat comes in, it doesn't blend well but clashes against the other instruments.

And when FL Slayer comes in....well....sigh....FL Slayer is a horrible thing to use, I even regret using it. Everything else is of some quality, but mixing FL Slayer in there kills it. There are some good elements in here, but the drums and FL Slayer really clashes with it and drags down the song's good qualities. Also, it's a bit repetitive, but the notes you have so far are good, I like that part. Just really hard to listen with the kick and snare and FL Slayer....i hate FL Slayer I won't lie.

But the song is only the length it is because parts repeat too much, could be edited down. Needs some tweaking, some effects like reverb in certain spots, but good so far with the orchestra percussion and strings.

TheEvilDevil responds:

Thanks for the review. Well, I don't really know where to get electric guitar sounds besides FL Slayer. I guess I should've used an alternative instead. I don't really have much experience in music, so yeah


Nice, sounds really cool!

TheEvilDevil responds:

Thank you! :D

The start was kinda dry, but maybe its just me. The celli are perfect to me, what made me to write this review is the beat which kicked in and reminded me of waterflame, looks like you were trying to imitate his style. Many would deny it, but I personally loved the weird combo of four to the floor with orchestral instruments.
I'm not at all good with orchestral but I guess some parts of staccato might need work, I personally feel that they can become more catchy. Really enjoyed the song, great piece.


TheEvilDevil responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah I knew I should've added something in the beginning. I didn't knew I've done this waterflame's style, maybe it was coincidental idk.

I'm glad you enjoyed this song ^^

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Jul 1, 2016
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