Galaxy Spectrum - [Impact EP]


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Probably my favorite so far, I had the most fun making this one :)

On SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/saao-official/galaxy-spectrum


I liked the busy yet atmospheric beginning. It seems a little furtive and distant, and gradually creeps into the foreground. The intro (which, as I see it, lasts until 1:09) is pretty drawn-out. I might try to keep it to 45 seconds or so. I feel like the melody would be a bit more powerful if you didn't have all that sidechaining in there, though. It just steals its own thunder after awhile, especially since that main melodic section lasts so long (once the piece passed the 2.5-minute mark and was still fleshing out that melody, it started losing my interest). The breakdown at 2:59 is cool. I thought you could've transitioned into it a little more smoothly, though. Also, I would've liked to see more of a build-up into the last refrain. The ending is a little anti-climactic too. However, the mixing and mastering are, once again, very good. This also probably didn't need to be a 4.5-minute-long track. You might be able to shave off a minute just by editing down the intro and first refrain. Either way, solid work. Good luck in the competition, man. ;)

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Breakthrough responds:

Thank you once again Andrew, I always love reading your reviews. I actually got really carried
away while making this. I was messing around with some new synths and my friend Jake was complaining that I never used sidechain. So once I was done experimenting and found a sound
that I would define as "Melodically appealing" I just kept going and going. I obviously did get
carried away, but I still like it :)

I like it a whole bunch! I'd suggest easing up on the sidechaining a bit though (unless that's an element of the genre) it's a great addition in moderation as an accentuation of the song's pulse. But that's personal opinion really, I've got a handful of things I probably use in excess-- namely grain shifting and "IDM" breakbeats.
I think it detracts from the chord changes, especially where the kick hits in more rapid succession.
THAT BEING SAID, loving the sneaky vocoder/Vocal resynth @3:00 and overall the wide sense of movement in the filter modulation.

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Breakthrough responds:

Thank you so much man!
I'm tired of seeing "Great music man" or "I love it!"
I NEED to get reviews like this, that way I can improve
on my weaknesses, and keep throwing my strengths
into my songs. I really appreciate it man.
I'm glad you heard the little vocals too ;)

Thanks - Saao

These kicks are insane man. I Love it ;)

Too bad it makes me something heavy and eventually repetitive.
Even so: good job :)

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Breakthrough responds:

Thanks man

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Jun 21, 2016
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