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My mouse broke but I got a new one and it's nicer and it let's me do more around my computer like finishing up my music. So it was a while ago when I hit the trance genre and I wanted to give people something different. I found this old project that I had never finished up along with my other unfinished projects and decided to get it over with. Now yes I do admit this one is a bit repetitive with both leads and rhythms but when you have a 4 year old project that you no longer have a clue what you were doing with it you kinda strive away from it's original concept and come up with something new. I hope you guys like the attempt which I'll honestly agree I don't think came out all that good but also not too bad. Have a listen and see what you guys think.

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I like the frantic synths at the beginning. The clap sample at :15 is pretty generic, as is the sweep into :27. The kick could’ve been stronger too - I’d suggest giving the middle frequencies a boost and making sure it’s compressed well. The piece is going in a neat new direction by around 2:15. I’d still like to hear some more melodic content, though. I also would’ve liked to see you break down the frantic synths at some point in the piece, just to create a little structural relief, which would help channel the energy in the piece a little more. The melodic content comes a little late (4:25), but I’ll take it. It’s a strong melody that definitely fits the atmosphere of the piece well. I wasn’t a huge fan of the instrument at 4:52, though - had some annoying clicks on the attack, and didn’t really share the dream vibe of the rest of the piece very well. The piece doesn’t need to be 6 minutes long, either, although I did like the outro. Overall, it’s a pretty neat piece. My main problems with it are elements of the sound design and that it can come across as a bit generic at times. Otherwise, keep it up!


Techmo-X responds:

I actually see what you mean by the sounds used in this piece so I definitely understand. As for the length of the song I decided it should have been longer since it fell on the Trance genre. I do appreciate you taking time to give me a thorough review. Thank you so much!

Well this was a surprise, I was listening to the first few beats at the start and immediately set this song as 3.5/5, it was listenable and -I supected- a bit too "tweaty" for my tastes, but working I left this going, and was very pleased to find that by the 5 minute mark I was really flowing along with the mood.

From a tune that started out on the threshold of what I would choose to listen to, this blended into something comfortable and smooth. Entirely subjective, but it's really pleasing to find something that in a matter of a few minutes goes from mediocre to Positive.

There is enough creative changes in this tune to keep me interested, (unlike for example a lot of dance music which is pretty flat), but just as importantly also there are NOT TOO MANY changes (unlike many Rock projects on here which try and fit 3000 sounds into 300 seconds). The variations that are here are smooth and "fit". A very good balance.

Other recommended listening: Waterflame: Glorious Morning 2.

Improvements: If any; a touch more bass to add depth to the Theremin sounds would be good (for example, the sound at 4:55) .

Techmo-X responds:

Thank you! The review was quite well written and I points out more detail then I would expect hehe. I'm glad you like! I know it was repetitive for sure but I figured let it keep going for a bit longer.

this song gets me in a really good mood, whenever i want to write music like this i always over complicate it and make it a much bigger deal than it is, especially with trance but songs like this just make me want to create and it shows that it isn't that complicated as i make it

this songs cool as fuck m8, lots of inspiration from it ^_^

Techmo-X responds:

It was a very basic song to start with. I didn't use much to it. Glad you like it!

Beautiful, I have to recommend this to my friend :)

Techmo-X responds:

Make him one of us @.@ hehe thank you btw :P

Exciting, yet very soothing at the same time. Very nice!

Techmo-X responds:

Isn't it ^.^ Thank you!

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Jun 21, 2016
5:56 PM EDT
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