Facing Fears - Quartz

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I worked very hard on this song XD did my best with the lyrics & also with the recording LOL . I ( kind of ) have a bad mic & also I'm recording at my apartment so it's not the best quality for sure but please guys , let me know your honest opinion & don't forget to leave a FAIR rating :) & thank you

Lyrics :-

I'm taking the train , I'm running away
I'll be undercover until I'm okay
You running after me , you wish I could stay
I can see you but I have nothing to say

You're losing my vision , your eyes full of tears
I'm living in darkness , I'm facing my fears
You say hunting's forbidden , I'm shooting the deers
I didn't hear you , I'm closing my ears

I'm scary , I'm solid , I'm just like a stone
You kicking my ass but I'm breaking your bones
You started to flex and I started to yawn
Army of one coz I'm fighting alone

I am the one with the major effect
I have the will if you need some protect
You insert your mixtape , I keep pressing eject
Coz I'm rapping the real & you're rapping the shit

You smile in my face but you wish I would die
You jealous of me coz your life is a lie
You ask me : How did you ? and when ? where ? why ?
You acting as soft as a Mc ( McDonald's ) apple pie

Quartz's my name , try to pronounce it right
I'm flying higher than your broken kite
I'm taking my chance & I'm holding it tight
I'm telling my story , you started to write ?

I had a broken wing , I couldn't fly
You keep hurting me by taking it high
I had to step back , I was a bit shy
But I'm coming in hot coz my faith never die

This is my music it started to play
All the chicks at the club stared to sway
Haters are hating , they're making my day
I'm moving to oceans , I'm leaving the bay

I'm blessed and I'm even able to bless
I snipe , there is no way I could miss
I'm the button that you're afraid to press
I messed up the world , you mister missed the mess

You're playing hard but you're losing the game
You hearing nothing at all but my name
You have a goal but you're losing the aim
You're life sucks & I keep taking the blame

You are staying down and I'm going up
I'm climbing mountains , I'm reaching the top
I fight crimes even though I'm not a cop
I'm just rapping , I'm just doing hip-hop

I'm leaving or staying ? I'm having some doubts
I don't know what I am thinking about
I looked at the mirror , I started to shout
Leave me alone ... Quartz is out


Very nice job, lets collab :) I will mix for ya, and make a beat, allow me to produce for you :) I would really enjoy working with you, my facebook account is facebook.com/imvashelite its a personal account name will show up as Ron Gill :) add me mr Quartz, I look forward to hearing from you.

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That's the quartz I like right there haha enjoyed that song right there...good work man!!

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